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After Workout Benefits Of Massage Chair

All about massage chairs and the after-workout benefits of massage chair.

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The need to maintain health and wellness has only grown throughout the years. Essentially, proper diet and exercise have been critical factors in properly maintaining health.

Because we get stronger muscles when we repeatedly shred our muscle fibers through exercises, the idea behind this is to eat proper foods to regenerate the tissues, thus gaining muscle strength.

An increase in muscle strength also improves overall stamina, the body’s capacity to perform work without getting tired. However, many people who work out, especially beginners, tend to forget or ignore the importance of post-workout aftercare.

One practical and vital aftercare for your muscles, after a vigorous workout, massages. Fortunately, massage chairs are designed by esteemed engineers and professionals in the industry to maximize health and relaxation, essentially built for a person’s wellbeing.

The Science Behind Gaining Muscles

As mentioned before, when a person works out, the repeated movements on the targeted muscle shreds the tissues and fibers; afterward, it enters a state of regeneration.

A proper diet and ample amounts of rest are required to boost cell regeneration to gain more muscles. If all goes well, muscle fibers will stack up and gain strength.

Essentially, the benefits of a well-rounded muscle strength improve stamina and the overall wellbeing of a person.

However, muscles after a workout tend to get sore, and recurring muscle stiffness and cramps can have the adverse effect of draining stamina instead if left unchecked.

What Massage Chairs Do To Your Muscles

Like the JPMedics Kumo massage chair, massage chairs have automatic rollers that follow a specialized track that moves to follow the curve of the spine.

Massage chairs relieve tension in the tissues; tight muscles restrict the range of motion, making cell regenerations slow. However, massages unbind this tightness to make muscles relax, effectively promoting movement and regeneration in the tissues.

Massage chairs are also installed with several massage programs to target specific parts of the body. Massage chairs, like Osaki OS Maestro LE massage chairs, have programs to knead the muscles, tap them, shiatsu, and four other modes to alter the course of the massage.

Heat Therapy Improves Cell Regeneration

Heat Therapy, or thermotherapy, is the use of heat to a specific part of the body to increase temperature and simultaneously dilate the veins.

An increase in temperature will widen the veins; when the veins and blood vessels dilate, blood flow and circulation are improved.

The improved blood flow and circulation will help to promote cell regeneration and oxygenation. Cell regeneration is vital in muscle aftercare since it helps to recover shredded tissues. In addition, it is responsible for the transport of nutrients throughout the body.

Fortunately, massage chairs, like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair, are equipped with heat therapy all the way down to the calves.

Additionally, when there is an increase in temperature, analgesic hormones, also known as natural pain killers, are released from the nerves, providing a natural solution to muscle pains and aches. Relieving such muscle aches assures that future workouts will not be hindered.

Zero-Gravity Feature

These massage chairs also come with a zero-gravity feature installed. It is a unique feature that reclines the user’s body gradually.

In this position, the bodyweight is dispersed evenly from the center of their gravity, effectively relieving tension in the spine.

It is worth noting that a lot of stress and tension is brought to the spine during workouts since it supports the entire structure of the torso from the neck, right down to the lumbar.

Incorporating spine care in after-work-out care will ensure a well-maintained posture during workouts.


After-workout care for your muscles is essential, especially when you are on a rigorous exercise routine. Muscles get torn regularly from exercise. To gain muscle strength, a good diet accompanied by aftercare will ensure your muscle fibers will stack up, effectively increasing strength and, consequently, improving stamina.

Professionals design massage chairs to deliver the utmost relaxation. Its benefits range from relaxing muscles, improving circulation, promoting cellular nutrition, and spine care.

The need to maintain health has only been increasing in concerns for the last few years. Take time to monitor your health and improve it.


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