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Amber Eyes Color: 13 Interesting Facts, Causes, Celebrities

Amber color is less common and often associated with special traits. If you want to find out more about amber eyes, causes, facts, and famous celebrities with amber eyes, keep on reading!

Many people have brown eyes, blue eyes, and maybe even green eyes. But many people have rarely seen amber eyes.

People with amber eyes can sometimes develop specks of hazel. True amber eyes are yellow or golden hue.

The eyes of animals like wolves are often amber, but it’s an incredibly uncommon eye color for humans.

Here, you can find out more about this unusual eye color or find out if it’s an eye color type you already own.



We’re all born with a range of colors in our eyes, but some colors are rarer than others. The amber eyes have a lot of character and really heighten the eye color. Though amber eyes are rarer than blue eyes or brown eyes, they aren’t unheard of.

Amber eyes are not very common in human beings. Human beings with this eye color are also often confused to be wearing colored contact lenses as amber eyes are considered to be exotic eye colors.

Amber is light gold or orange in color and these eyes are pretty rare. Although it is extremely rare eye color, amber eyes can be noticed only when seen up close.

The amber eyes belong to the family of beautiful light brown eyes. These are found due to the yellow and red pigments in them. The person with amber-colored eyes has a mixture of red and yellow crystals on the surface of his/her iris.

This is the reason why amber-colored eyes appear to have a gold or copperish hue to them instead of being pure brown or hazel like most other beautiful eye colors.

It seems like an impossible combination of colors but this is actually where its beauty lies.

How Rare is Amber Eye Color?

Amber eyes can be found in people from all races and countries. The most common amber eye color is golden-brown, but other colors such as honey, deep gold, light brown, and even hazel can also be considered amber eyes.

If you have amber eyes, you are one out of just a few people in the world who have rare eye colors. The other rarest color is green, which is what the minority of people have.

It is estimated that about 5% of humans have amber eye color, but it is much more common in the animal kingdom – a number of animals share in this eye color, including wolves, dogs, cats, eagles, owls, and pigeons. Some fish also have amber eyes. In fact, this particular hue is quite popular among these particular species.

People of Asian, Spanish, South American, or South African ancestry often have amber-colored eyes. This is also the case for those with brown eyes. Those with blue, gray, green, and hazel eyes usually have European roots.

Causes of Amber Eye Color

Amber eyes are a result of the deposition of lipochrome pigment in the eye. The deposition occurs as a result of an autosomal recessive gene and can be caused by various factors such as illness, injury, or age.

We examine the genetic lineage behind amber eyes to see how they are formed. The next few sections go into a little more detail, but this should shed a bit of light on what makes them unique.

Melanin pigments contribute to the eye colors (actually, it is iris color), just as they do with skin and hair color. Melanin comes in two types: eumelanin, which is dark brown/blackish, and phaeomelanin, which is yellow-brown.

Amber usually has a lot of natural color variation which comes from both black and red pigments (eumelanin and pheomelanin). It’s thought that amber-colored eyes may contain a high level of pheomelanin

There are six different eye colors- blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, and amber. Shades can differ between very dark amber to light amber.

While there are only six eye colors, no two people have eyes of the exact same color. This is why there are different spectrums of shades & blends in every eye.

There are at least 16 genes that influence eye color but they all work together in a complex way. The OCA2 gene is important because it is responsible for the production of melanin, which is a pigment that colors the eyes.

Hazel Eyes Vs Amber Eyes

Hazel and amber are not the same eye colors, they are different in the shades. Hazel eyes contain a mixture of brown and green, while amber eyes have a solid shade of golden or yellow color.

13 Interesting Amber Eyes Facts

Below are 13 Amber Eyes facts that will amaze, astound, and surprise you.

1) Since you have Amber eyes, the sensitivity to light is increased. This means that while people with brown or blue eyes can function in bright light for longer periods of time, you will need to take breaks frequently, or you need sun protection glasses, anti-glare glasses.

2) Amber eyes are rare, making them more beautiful. Many people believe that a person with amber eyes is considered more beautiful than with other eye colors.

3) Because amber eyes are considered mysterious, many people believe amber eye color comes from extraterrestrial beings.

4) Those persons who have amber eyes have a color with a hint of green that is said to resemble the color of wolf eyes. So, the amber eyes are nicknamed “wolf eyes”

5) People with amber eyes are said to be able to see exceptionally well in the dark or dim light.

6) Some say that people with amber eyes are warm and vibrant, which makes them the life of the party. This may be because they’re often surrounded by friends.

7) People that have amber eyes will find that purple, red and brown colors eye makeup look perfect on them.

8) Those with amber eyes are often considered to be really mysterious, and there is a wide variety of folklore surrounding them.

9) Amber eyes are known for their blue-hue appearance because the iris has a lower concentration of melanin and a higher concentration of pheomelanin.

10) Many people believe that if you have amber eyes, they indicate an increased power to see into the supernatural world. In some Eastern cultures, those with amber eyes are seen as being very wise and intuitive.

11) Certain medications prescribed for glaucomas such as latanoprost and bimatoprost can permanently change your eye color, which can vary from natural colors such as hazel to other unnatural colors such as green or yellow.

12) Amber-eyed people are known to have shorter life spans.

13) The study revealed that most people with amber eyes are usually Leos (Astrological sign).

Celebrities with Amber Eye Color

Due to the rare natural combination of eye colors, amber-eyed people are often noticed and admired. This is because the color is unique and not commonly found in nature. One might expect that someone with such great eye color would be a famous person.

Famous people with amber eyes are:

  • Justin Bieber
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Nicole Richie
  • Jane Seymour
  • Eliza Dushku
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Edward Cullen
  • Darren Criss


Amber eyes are rare and striking, but they’re not for everyone. They have a certain beauty to them that can’t be matched by brown or blue eyes. Those with amber eyes have a distinctive appearance that may make them more confident in themselves and their surroundings.

The genetics behind amber eyes are still unknown, but many scientists believe that it is caused by an autosomal dominant gene or genes.


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