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10 Best Parenting Tips To Become A Fantastic Parent

All about 10 best parenting tips to become a fantastic parent

Good Parenting

There is no school for parents. Being a guardian is also one of the jobs with a complicated and unclear job description accompanied by enormous responsibilities. To be an effective mom and dad, you just jump right in and learn from some parenting tips from experience.

Parental responsibility is indeed very large. In the hands of the guardian, the child’s future is determined. Both in terms of personality, socialization, self-adjustment, and control, thinking ability, and other things that will determine the success and independence of children. Also, the success of children when they become parents.

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Effective Parenting Tips

Here are the 10 best tools described by Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. that will make life in the family lane a much nicer ride. This tip can be used mostly by working guardians in order to be able to use the limited time with children effectively and efficiently, as well as parents who are not working.

Recognizing children
Every father and mother must treat their children according to their character, whether they are shy, cheerful, or so forth. Don’t force your child to undergo or adapt to other characters.

Also, recognize the child’s feelings when he is having problems. This can be done by empathizing with children. No less important, parents must recognize the development of children according to age.

Respect the good behavior of children
You need to apply positive parenting, which is to value good behavior as much as possible and punish as little as possible. Parents should praise all the good things that children do. Praise should be given directly, without delay. “Don’t wait until the child does something special,” said the psychologists.

Periodically, parents should give something that pleases the child, for example giving something that the child likes when he is doing his job well or adding a period of time to develop good behavior.

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Involve children in family matters
Children are important members of a family. That is why always involve the child in family activities and decisions. For example, when planning a vacation together. 

Similarly, children also need to be involved in daily household chores which of course must be adjusted to their age.

Always get closer to children
Use every opportunity to get closer to children. When traveling and stuck in traffic, you can chat more with your children. Usually, the child will be more open in such situations. Then when watching television, you should accompany the child. Use the opportunity to instill values ​​in it. 

Provide special time
Spend special time with children. If there is more than one child, take special time in turns. Then, also provide time for joint activities.

Establish discipline
Doing positive parenting does not mean that you let your child do anything. Children need to learn about acceptable behavior, so discipline needs to be applied. Discipline must be enforced immediately if they exhibit bad behavior.

The methods of discipline are “time out” and “grounded”, which can be effective if applied properly. “Time out” can be given by keeping the child quiet or the parent doesn’t react to the child. This action is the parent’s response to the child’s unwanted behavior. At that time parents can go out of the room and children are in the room. Children can also be kept away from their activities.

While in “grounded”, children are required to complete one task to be able to get their fun again. For example, if a child likes watching Sponge Bob and he doesn’t want to take a shower, parents can ground. “If you don’t take a shower, you can’t watch Sponge Bob”. After bathing, children may leave the room and watch the film.

This discipline needs to be done consistently and must always be based on the child’s behavior. The same discipline technique needs to be applied if the child is doing the same behavior again. However, parents should not immediately give sanctions if a new child does bad behavior for the first time and has never been told before that his behavior is bad.

And make sure the same disciplinary techniques are used by couples and other members at home when parents are not at home.

A role model for children
Children are accomplished imitators. All parents’ movements will be copied. Children learn how to react to various things through their observations of their behavior. In order for children to implement good behavior, you must model it first in their daily lives.

Say “I love you”
Affection must be expressed time and again. Parents should express affection with words as I love you. Caresses, hugs, kisses, the words “father/mother love you,” or images of flowers or hearts are various methods of showing affection.

Proper communication
When talking with children, parents must make eye contact with them. If you want to give orders, be as specific as possible. Commands with very general meanings will confuse children. Also avoid yelling, nagging, shouting, or lecturing at length to children.

Solve problems when you’re cool
When there are problems, they should not be solved when you’re angry. If this is done it will only make matters worse. Usually, when you are angry your self-control tends to be lower. And, it is possible that you do things that your child is not really expected to imitate. 

It is very likely that dirty words and words that can hurt a child may come out of your mouth. So, when you are angry, stay away from the children and talk to them when you are calm.

Every father-mother is unique in its own way. No parents can be compared with others while showing examples of best parents What you learn over time is really important to be called an effective-parents.



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