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Drenched in Sweat: Workout Plans & Exercises for Boxing

Drenched in Sweat: Best Exercise to Help You Push Your Body for Professional Boxing. Today’s topic is all about the best exercises and workout plans for boxing (either beginner or professional).

By Chris Brown 


If you ask a professional trainer to tell you how to know if an exercise is working, they will tell you “Exercise is only effective when you sweat”. To some extent, this is the best definition but this also means that exercises, where you don’t sweat, are not working out for you.

Apart from this, most people think that since we do not sweat in winters, exercises are no longer effective in the colder season. However, to understand how exercise affects our body and how it works, we need to understand the mechanism first.

Apart from this, most people do not think boxing is an actual exercise. Since boxing is seen as a combat-based game, people hardly think about boxing as a tool to get fit or increase strength.

In real life, the scope of boxing is not just limited to a simple self-defense mechanism. Due to its effectiveness in boosting mental and physical fitness, boxing is now becoming quite famous. Apart from this, you will be able to see that boxing is now being used in multiple domains and by almost all MMA players and athletes.

The main reason is that boxing helps strengthen the body and it engages all the muscles in the body which eventually helps in making the body stronger and also increases endurance in the body.

In this article, you will be able to know why we sweat while exercising and especially while boxing. For the beginner who is still trying to know in detail about the basics of maneuvers, we have also listed some of the best exercises.

If you want to aim for professional boxing, we have also listed down some of the best at-home exercises along with some professional exercises for boxing.


Why Boxing Is Better Than Other Exercises?

Most exercises are very monotonous and boring, people find it hard to work for longer hours. On the contrary, if we see boxing as an exercise, you feel more engaged because you are learning a new skill each day and you see your body progressing as well.

In short, boxing is an excellent way to help you boost your physical fitness. Some of the most common benefits that are linked with boxing include:

  • Boxing helps in shedding fat and losing weight
  • Boxing helps in sculpturing the body and increase muscle content in the body
  • Boxing is excellent for boosting creativity and mental health
  • Boxing helps in focusing which means it is good for boosting job performance as well as help you to boost your grades in school
  • Boxing offers primary self-defense which means you can easily defend yourself within a few minutes
  • Boxing is great for upper body strength and this helps in reducing the chance of injury
  • Boxing helps in increasing the core strength and makes the abdomen tighter

Why Do You Sweat While Boxing?

Sweating is a normal response of the body against the rise in body temperature. Our body needs to maintain an optimum temperature. In the case of workouts, fat is used for fueling the body and extra energy ends up increasing the body temperature.

Eventually, this increase in body temperature is regulated by the body in a very different way. The body uses the extra heat to kick off the extra water from the body. This water comes off in the form of sweat.

After the water exits from the body and all the extra heat has been used, the body temperature falls to normal and this has cooling effects. Apart from water, sweat also contains minerals and salt which is the reason sweating causes lightheadedness in some conditions.

To make sure you don’t sweat too much, it is best to stay hydrated.

How to Prepare For a Sweaty Boxing Workout Session?

Sweating is a part of boxing. Some professionals will evaluate your boxing practice based on sweat. The more you sweat the more is considered better but sometimes extreme workouts or some issues related to the body can trigger extra sweating.

For this reason, athletes, boxers, and people who like to work out are asked to take care of their bodies. To make sure you stay healthy and hydrated, here are some simple steps that can help you prepare for a boxing session in advance.

  • Staying hydrated is the key to your workout plan, however, make sure it is simple water and not an energy drink
  • Avoiding using alcohol and coffee before boxing because speeds up the sweating process
  • Swear breathable material so that your body doesn’t feel too much heat
  • Wear thick headbands that can help in absorbing the sweat
  • Shower before working out, this will help you decrease the body temperature
  • Use and towel to absorb sweat
  • Practice boxing at a cool place so the body doesn’t heat up too much

Boxing Workout Plan For Beginners

When we think about boxing sessions, most people instantly think about joining the gym or seeking professional help which might be a very wise decision. However, this also means that boxing is an expensive game.

According to most people, they don’t want to practice boxing because they find it hard and expensive. For this reason, most professionals say that it is better to start practicing at your home.

This will help you build strength and you will be able to test waters. Some of the best exercises that you can practice at home include:


We all know that boxing is mainly about balancing your body and throwing the most powerful punches. To start this off, you need to focus on the quality of punches that you are throwing.

Start with simple steps and practice shadow boxing in front of the mirror. Once you feel that your uppercut, jabs, and hooks are getting better, you can then get a punching bag that you can use for throwing punches.

Try to move as the punching bag movies. Don’t rush because it will help you set your pace. With shadowboxing your main focus needs to be on quality and power.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a great exercise that will help you engage your whole body from your hands to your feet. You can start with five minutes skipping session without rope and pretend that you are skipping the rope, this will help you balance your feet.

After one week of practice without a rope, you can get the rope and practice step rope. After mastering one step, you can then move to rope jumping.

Speed Boxing

Speed boxing will help you improve the timing of throwing punches. This means that it will help you become more aggressive so that you will be able to counter the attack when you are in the ring.

Speed boxing is a smaller punching bag just like the actual punching bag but it doesn’t swing, instead, it comes right back. With the help of speed, boxing tries all punching combinations and sets five punches at a one-minute pace.

You can finally aim for 8 punches per minute and then you can keep increasing after every three days.

Battle Rope

The battle rope is an excellent exercise that will help you improve your upper body strength especially the shoulders and upper arm. All you need is a thick rope that you can tuck in somewhere and then pretend that you are holding two large knives.

You just need to start chopping the air with the help of the rope. This is great because it will eventually help you to throw powerful punches.

Push Up

Push-ups will help you strengthen your core as well as your upper body, especially your shoulders and arms. All these muscles are vital in throwing powerful punches and will eventually help you to become fiercer.


Within boxing, most people do not understand the importance of balancing. When you get knocked out that is not mainly because of the power but because your body is shocked and is unable to hold your balance.

With the help of football, you will learn to hold the body balance and your feet will be able to hold your weight in all kinds of conditions.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that boxing is one of the most misunderstood combat-based games. Where it was known to make people violent and people used to tell their kids to avoid practicing boxing, it has now come a long way.

Boxing is now known to be one of the best combat-based games that offer primary self-defense. Apart from this, it helps in boosting physical as well as mental fitness that will later help you to increase your muscle strength. The best thing about boxing is that it helps you get a lean body shape rather than getting bulky.

In short, you will be able to get just the right amount of muscle with healthy body weight. Where other exercises only engage one group of muscles at a time, boxing helps in engaging all the muscles and this is the reason it is known to be the most effective exercise.


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