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Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

Dramatic Eye Makeup

It is the craving of every woman to have a gorgeous look with dramatic eye makeup. But only cravings do not give success, it requires experimental work with tips and techniques of makeup. The dramatic eye makeup is suited for evening calls. For evenings eye make up the bright eye shadows with well-groomed eyebrows make you much impressive.

Now a day’s smoky eye makeup is the most dramatic eye makeup. In the 1960”s only eyeliner was used to create a dramatic look. Here are eye makeup tips for a dramatic eye makeup look. It requires some skills and practice.

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There are the following tips for dramatic eye makeup:

  • Use an eyebrow pencil with a bit darker tone than the original eyebrow shade.
  • The eyebrow groomed in a symmetrical shape and creates a natural arch in the process.


In dramatic eye makeup using light eye shadows from the lash line to the eyebrow bone. The darker eye shadow has used a crease of the eye in form of a line. This will make the eyes bigger and wider with a dramatic look.


Use the medium shade of eye shadow over the darker shade which is used at the crease of the lid at first and extend it toward the brow bone. Blend it with brow bone shade.


Use the eyeliner and mascara in thick lines to give the dramatic look. Use the black eyeliner at your upper lash line. A thin line is used in the inner corner of the eye. To create the dramatic look extend the line towards the outer corner of the eye diagonally upward. On the bottom eyelashes use the eyeliner but not blend it with the upper line; it will give a squinting appearance to the eyes.

Use two coats of mascara after curling the lashes to make them dramatic. Following all these steps make your eye makeup dramatic and you will get to be noticed by everyone.

Create Sultry Eye Makeup

Sultry eye makeup renders you a dramatic and spectacular glance. It is a bit tricky to apply that’s why learning the proper way of creating this look is very necessary. But don’t worry!!!! If you are a beginner in this field,

For creating a sultry eye look, the first thing is framing your eyes. Apply powder of a color identical to the color of your eyebrows to your brows with an eyebrow brush to fill in the brows. Slither the shade alongside the brow-line until it is completely filled in.
Prepare your lids for eye makeup application by applying an eyeshadow base or primer. It will let your makeup stay fresh for a long time.

Then, tap your eyeshadow brush in plum or purple eyeshadow and sweep it across the top eyelid for achieving a spectacular and dramatic look.
If you are daring and expert enough to do so, then apply another color atop the plum for adding more dimensions. However, if you are not an expert, then only the plum is enough.

Rub the brush on a clean tissue paper to wipe the stain of plum shadow from it, tap it into any soft-colored shimmering powder eyeshadow and apply it just below your brow bone and over the plum shadow. This will serve as the highlighter to make your eyes go pop and to make them somewhat more sparkling.

Contour your eyes with a black kohl pencil, starting from the inner corner work your way out to the outer edge of the eye. Apply pencil to the lower lash line similarly.
Smear the liner for adding more depth to your glimpse.
Apply 2, 3 coatings of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes to give finalize the look.

Crazy Eye Makeup Loved by Almost Every Woman

Crazy eye makeup loved by almost every woman. As it isn’t such makeup that can be worn at any time, so, ladies love to wear it on any special occasion where they are allowed to put on funky shades. If you too are a crazy eye lover and eying to get unique ideas that can give you a unique and gorgeous look then we are here to put your search to an end as we have come up with some unique crazy eye makeup ideas for you. Have a look at them and choose anyone for you.

White Magic

One of the most spectacular and craziest ideas of crazy eye makeup is White Magic. It whites out your whole eye area. Start creating this eye makeup look by curling your lashes using a lash curler. Next, drag your white eyeshadow palette near and dab your eyeshadow applicator in any of the shadows of your choice; metallic or pearlescent shades are the best options, and put it onto your lids and blend thoroughly to get the perfect look. Now, contour your eyes with liquid eyeliner of white color. Apply two coats of shimmering mascara to the already curled lashes to complete the White Magic look.

Rainbow of Colors

Another well-liked crazy eye makeup idea is the Rainbow of Colors. For creating this look, apply the funky shades in your palette to your eyelids. The traditional combinations of orange, yellow, red, or faded green or inimitable combination of aqua blue and green, black, purple, and white colors are the best options. Apply these shades onto your entire lids vertically or horizontally. Ensure merging all the caresses slightly and carefully rather than keeping them very distinct. Complete the look with the addition of multicolored eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. However, make sure you use metallic liner and mascara when you make use of metallic.

Animal Prints

Animal Print is another crazy idea for creating a unique eye makeup look. Leopard prints and zebra prints look craziest. Use black and white eyeshadow for creating zebra print and black and yellow for perfectly creating leopard print.

Dark Eye Makeup is Most Important for Occasions

Due to the rough-and-tough everyday routine, no one finds sufficient time for doing the whole markup but one feels somewhat exhausted without touching up their look. But this droopy look can be avoided by easy and minimal eye makeup.

Among the different factors that should be taken into consideration while donning eye makeup, the occasion is arguably the most important factor. For daytime events, light eye makeup looks nice while dark eye makeup is the best choice for evening time events.

The application of dark eye makeup is not a tough task. First, choose the shade of mascara and liner that goes well with your natural eye tone. Those with brown eyes can go for the black liner to bring out their eye color. However, if you are blessed with blue or green-tinted eyes, lighter shades will work best for you.

Women with blue or green eyes should never don deep and profound colors such as black even for creating dark eye make; it wouldn’t impart you an attractive look. Let’s apply dark makeup step-by-step;

Start makeup with the application of eyeshadow. Take your dark-colored eyeshadow palette, dab your eyeshadow in any of the dark colors of your choice and apply it over your lids evenly.

Blend three different colors of shadow- a light, a dark, and a darker color- if you want to create a Smokey eye look. First, apply a light shade right above the lashes, then put on the dark shade, and finally wear the darker shade.

Now it’s time to apply eyeliner. Decide a liner color that perfectly complements your eye tone. If you love to have a dramatic eye look, delineate your eyes with brown or black liner. Sport the liner to your top and bottom lids following the natural lash line. Apply a thin layer to the top lash and a thick layer to the lower one. Avoid applying liner to the inner rim of your lids.

Put on two mascara coats to complete the look. Black, dark blue, and purple mascara are perfect choices for giving off full dark effects to your eyes.

Create Perfect Exotic Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an integral part of your entire makeup routine as every one notices your eyes at the very first look. There are many looks and ideas of eye makeup such as a smoky eye, cat eye, crazy eye, and exotic eye look, etc. When it comes to creating the exotic eye, bold and bright colors are used and for this reason, it is considered as an ideal look for casual events and parties.

A well-liked exotic eye makeup idea features the use of leopard prints or tiger stripes on the top lids. Apart from animal print, the addition of colored spots and twists is also a great idea for creating an exotic look.

Cleansing is the key to best makeup, so, it is very important to follow the skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Before starting donning eye makeup cleanse your face properly.

After cleansing and moisturizing the face, apply the foundation. Make sure you use a foundation color lighter than your natural complexion. Then, dust a little amount of translucent powder over your face to set the foundation.

Now get started with exotic eye makeup. First, coat your entire lid with an eyeshadow base or primer to ensure the durability of the main colors fading off. Try to choose all the shades- base, highlighter, and main shade- belonging to the same color family.

Now, it’s time to put on the chosen eyeshadow colors. Though, to complete the exotic look darker shades will be needed but use a softer shade such as champagne or dark gray first. Apply this color over your full eyelid plus your browline.

Then use darker shades such as green, blue, gold, plum, or purple. Blending two dark colors to get one intense and bold shade is also a nice idea. After applying dark shade, do some designing on your lids. For example, if you have painted your lids with dark blue eyeshadow, decking them up with white dots can add more drama and glam to your glance.

After completing the eyeshadow application for achieving an exotic look, apply the eyeliner. However, if you have created exotic designs on your eyes then the application of eyeliner is not needed.

For added drama, use glitter on the eyes. Curl your lashes and apply a single or double coating of mascara to your lashes for completing the exotic eye look.


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