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Best Eyeshadow for Your Eyes: Green, Hazel, & More

All about best eyeshadow looks: Eyeshadow for green eyes, hazel eyes, wet eyeshadow, Bollywood eyeshadow, and other DIY tips and tricks.

Eyeshadow Looks

Different people are blessed with eyes of different tones and they want to accentuate them for the enhancement of their beauty. Eye makeup is an effective way to change your overall look. Different eyeshadow colors, the main thing in the eye makeup, are used to complement the eyes of different tones. It is very important to consider your natural eye color while choosing an eyeshadow color so that you can get your desired look at the end. We are giving you some tips to find out the best eyeshadow colors for your eyes.

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Find the Best Eyeshadow for Your Eyes

The array of blue eyeshadow shades serve effectively to make your eyes go pop. However, it doesn’t work well with eyes of all colors; it rather looks excellent with brown eyes. Make sure you keep the rest of the makeup light and simple if you have chosen to deck up your eyes with blue color; if not, you will end up with a look as you sauntered straight from the eighties.

Smokey eye makeup when created with silver or gray shades can add drama to your glimpse. Gray or silver shades are usually preferred when it comes to creating a gorgeous look for evening time and it works well with all eye tones with exception of gray eyes.

Properly donned brown or bronze eye shadow imparts an illustrious natural blush. It works best with dark brown, brown, or hazel eyes and the excellency of its look with brown-tinted eyes depends upon the shade of brown you have chosen for decking up your eyes. If you are a brunette then make sure not to overdo brown eye makeup.

You should be very careful while using nature-inspired green colors to decorate your eyes. Green looks superb with blue and brown-tinted eyes. Remember, an improperly and UN-carefully applied green eye shadow can give off a wicked-witch-like look, so, be careful.

Another nice eyeshadow option you can try is purple. It looks amazing with hazel, green or brown eyes, and can create a fantastic purple smokey eye look.

Applying Eyeshadow Correctly For Your Eye’s Beauty

Initially, it appears an easy task to apply eyeshadow; however, when it comes to applying it, you feel that it’s not that much easy as you thought. In fact, like all other makeup, the application of eyeshadow also needs skill and practice. If you are looking forward to learning how to apply eyeshadow correctly, your search would have stopped here as we have come up with the easiest and perfect way to apply eyeshadow.

Steps of Applying Eyeshadow Correctly

Choose the shade of eyeshadow taking into account the natural color, type, and shape of your eyes. If the color of your eyes is blue eyes, the orange shade will suit you the best. If your eyes are green, a red or pink tinge is a great option for you.  For brown, gray, or hazel eyes, white or silver are the perfect shades. Buy three shades of color: a light shade, a medium, and a dark shade.

Prepare your eyelids for the eyeshadow application by applying foundation or concealer. It not only ensures the durability of the makeup along with hiding skin imperfections in the eye area but also helps in the perfect blending of eyeshadow. Put on the foundation or concealer using a sponge and stain the ends with a tissue.

Now, start with the lightest shade of eyeshadow, which serves as the highlighter, and brush it across your lids. Paint the entire eyelid, from the lash-line to the base of the eyebrow, and from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer pleat.

Then take the medium color of your eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corners of your lids only. Then smear it under the lower lashes using a makeup sponge and flip it a bit upward in a wing shape for connecting it to the upper section.

Paint the crease of your lids with the dark shadow. Brush the accent shade only on the crease and blend it well using a makeup applicator or cotton swab to prevent delineation between each of the trio shades. Then contour upper as well as lower eyelids with brown or black eyeliner.

Best Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Eyeshadow is an integral part of eye makeup and there is no concept of completing eye makeup without applying eyeshadow. There is a variety of eyeshadow colors that are developed to adorn the eyes of different colors as an eyeshadow color doesn’t work well with all eye colors.

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When it comes to choosing the right eyeshadow color for green eyes, one’s complexion is the main factor that should be kept in mind. As there is a variety of green shades that include turquoise, chartreuse, forest green, light or dark green, etc, so this factor is also equally important in picking up the right color for your eyes.

Tips to follow

Brown is the most commonly used color for the enhancement of green eyes’ beauty. Though, almost all the shades of brown work well with green eyes but the one that looks excellently great is chocolate brown. Apart from brown, green eyes adorned with dark green eyeshadow also look fabulous.

Other than dark green and browns, coral, beige, light green, mauve, mocha, peach, soft purple, lilacs, and medium pink shades can give a mesmerizing look to your naturally green eyes. Another great eyeshadow option for those with green eyes is yellow that works with your eyes perfectly, making them glow naturally. All these shades are multi-purpose and can be used as a base shade for eye makeup and as the blusher as well.

After choosing the right base shade for intensifying your natural eye look, the next step is the selection of the right highlighting shadow. For daytime makeup, taupe and/or apricot shades are best highlighting shades; however, for nighttime or evening look dark shades such as metallic, dark-purples, lavender, gray with purple undertones and plum, etc will look great. If you want to add more glam to your eyes’ look then consider using copper and/or gold shades.

Those shades that don’t go well with green eyes include blue, white, light pink, silver, etc., as these shades render a tedious look to the marvelous green eyes.

Best Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes

Prior to the application of eyeshadow to the hazel eyes, determining the prevailing color in your eyes is very important. As, there is a number of distinct shades in hazel eyes so an ideal eyeshadow for hazel-toned eyes is the one that can bring out the dominant shade, making it more prominent. So, find out the dominant eye tone first.

How to Apply

Most hazel eyes are dominated by green color. The ideal eyeshadow shades for hazel eyes are light colors such as browns and pinks. You can give mesmerizing look to your hazel eyes by adorning them with purples (violet, lilac, plum, or eggplant) and dark green eyeshadows. If you are going to don dark green shadow then put it on only in the pleat and pairs it up with a light or neutral color on the lids.

Hazel eye beholders are advised not to use gray and blue eyeshadow colors as these shades clash with the natural hazel tone, giving you an unattractive look. Do not choose blue and gray as an eyeshadow for hazel eyes, as these colors clash with the natural tones of your eyes. If you notice that your eye color is lean towards gold tint then the best option for you is gold or bronze.

You can also consider using the most commonly used colors such as brown, purple, apricot, deep khaki, and plum. For added brightness, go for forest green eyeshadow, and for creating the best funky eye look, use eyeshadow shades like royal blue, tangerine, lime green, and hot pink.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Seductive Eyes

Eyeshadow application seems an easy task but if not effectively applied, can give your eyes a blotchy appearance. Most women don’t know the proper way of applying eyeshadow effectively so that their shadow can make the difference correctly. If you are also one of those and want to know the exact way of eyeshadow application then read on…we will let you know how to make seductive eyes pop up by wearing eyeshadow perfectly.

For doing this, you are suggested to go for a three-color approach; a base, highlighter, and the main color. The base shade will be applied alongside your eyebrow bone; the highlighting color will be applied over the pleat of your eyelid, while the main color will be applied to your entire eyelid. Make sure to use a very light base color otherwise it will never let your highlighter and main color bring out.

A tip that can help you in attaining your desired look is to dab base color over your brow bone and sweep it downwards with an eyeshadow brush instead of doing it the contrary way; applying from eyelid to brow bone.

Dare to wear the shade that exactly goes with your natural eye shadow. It will impart a fabulous seductive effect to your eyes making them pop up!!! Besides the complementary shades, you can also contrast your natural eye color with different shades to make them pop up. If you are blessed with blue eyes, your eyes will look amazing with deep gold, or if have brown eyes then you can think about using a deep jeweled-blue shade. Decide the right complementary or contrasting color for your eyes.

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Apply shadow alongside your brow bone very carefully. Dab it up to your bone and make sure not to pass it.

The next step is the application of highlighting color. Put it on to your eye’s pleat and for creating an illusion of smallness, only blend the outer edge of your eyes and skip the inner.

Prior to the application of eyeshadow, prepare your lids with an eyeshadow base or primer; it will help in keeping your makeup on for a long time.

Another effective tip for making your seductive eyes stand out is the application of shimmering eyeshadow. However, if you have wrinkles then it is advised to avoid using shimmering eyeshadow as brings out deep eyelids, wrinkles, and lines.

For creating a smokey eye effect ensure keeping it over the lids. Keep the shadow under the bottom lash-line, and don’t apply it over the crease of your eyelid.

For rendering added brightness to eyes, put a spot using a white shadow or pencil just close to your tear duct.

How To Apply HiP Eyeshadow

HiP eye shadows are multipurpose that can be used wet as well as dry. It can add drama to your look if applied properly. Let’s learn the proper way of applying HiP eyeshadow. Prime your lids first by applying an eyeshadow primer and let it dry out fully prior to the application of eyeshadow.

Dust a little amount of translucent face powder just under the eyes to hold any slack or fallen shadow, Pick a HiP color duo or combo with multi-colored eyeshadow pots. Earth shades such as brown, bronze, or taupe work well with blue eyes while for making brown eyes go pop, profound shades of berry or charcoal are best. Use purples, violet, or golds to accentuate hazel and green eyes.

Use the medium color to paint the creases of your eyes and then blend it down to the lids.

Apply darker shades alongside the lash line and blend them well into lighter colors applied in the crease. While blending the darker shade work your way up faintly toward the temples.

Damp the eyeshadow brush slightly, coat it with dark color shadow and apply it to the lashline and out to render your eyes a doe-eyed look. Let it dry out.

Use the blending brush or swab to create a soft look from the darker to the lighter color.

Highlight your brow area with a somewhat lighter shade that matches the used colors. Blend it well into the crease using a blending brush or mop. For added brightness, add highlighting color to the inside corners of the lids and lower lash line extending toward the middle of the eye.

For adding a smokey effect, put on the darker shade over the lower lash line. Wipe out the slack powder and any tumbled shadow with a clean facial mop. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara. Paint your lips with lipstick to finish the look.

Use Eyeshadow as Nail Polish

Sometimes it happens that you fail to find out any nail polish shade or because of any other reason you find yourself unable to get nail polish of your desired shade. If you are facing such a situation then no need to worry!!!! You can prepare nail polish by yourself if you have the eyeshadow of that shade. For preparing nail polish you must learn the proper way to do it; let’s make the nail polish step by step.

Step I: Prepare Eyeshadow

First gently tap a slack eyeshadow into a small sink. In case, if you’re going to turn a solid eyeshadow into a nail polish then first use a knife to slightly scratch the required amount of eyeshadow out of the palette. Then bring any larger tincture smidgens into dusty form by smashing them with the knife. About one full tablespoon of eyeshadow will be enough for all ten nails.

Step II: Mix Clear Nail-polish

The second step is to pour twenty to thirty drops of clear nail polish in the eyeshadow you have already tapped into the bowl. Now blend the eyeshadow and nail polish thoroughly by stirring them with the end of a Q-tip to get a colored liquid. After blending well if you find the mixture extra thick or extra thin then adjust it accordingly by adding more clear nail polish or eyeshadow powder.

Step III: Paint

Due to the air exposure, the blend dries out very quickly, so, prevent it from getting dry apply it to your nails promptly with a clear nail polish brush. After applying eyeshadow-turn nail polish, sweep the brush in nail polish remover to remove the stains of polish.

How to Apply Wet Eyeshadow

Eye makeup can make you either pretty or otherwise. To get the desired outcome of makeup, it is very necessary to learn how to wear different components of eye makeup such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. eyeshadow comes in powder as well as crème (dry or wet) form. The way of applying both shadows is entirely different. Earlier we taught you to perfectly apply the powder eyeshadow, now; it’s the time when we are letting you know how to apply wet eyeshadow perfectly.

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Ensure to purchase a brand new and fresh liquid eyeshadow first because the old eyeshadows can be extra hard or liquidy and full of chunks that’s why their application can be difficult and lead you to eye irritation and infection.

Use an angled brush to dab shadow over the full eyelid. An angled applicator can firmly control the shadow while the bloated applicator will spatter the shadow, making its application uneven. If you have got the spots of crème shadow over any areas by mistake or if the shadow has bled, then wipe the area with a soft cosmetic mop.  Avoid using your fingers for cleaning up the affected areas.

Now, cover the eyelid with a shadow of identical shade or mineral dying powder for expediting the drying process and setting the shadow. Ensure keeping the final shade neutral. Keep your eyes closed or at least half closed until the shadow gets completely dry and set.

An Angled brush can also be used for the application of shadow as eyeliner.

Use Powder Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

When it comes to eye makeup eyeshadow is one of the major elements. Eyeshadow is such a versatile cosmetic

that can be used as cheeks highlighter, lipstick, eyeliner, and even as nail polish. If you are unable to find an eyeliner shade that can perfectly go with your eyeshadow then don’t worry!!! We will tell you how to use powder eyeshadow as eyeliner. Let’s do it in easy three steps.

Take the eyeliner applicator or brush and make it slightly wet by dipping it into a little amount of water. Be careful while damping the brush as a too-wet brush wouldn’t serve the purpose perfectly.

After dumping the brush, drag your powdery eyeshadow palette near and pat the brush athwart the corner of the eyeshadow of your choice. By rubbing the wet brush only across the corners you will be able to use the shade as an eyeshadow as well later on.

Now, close down your eye and apply the liner brush to your upper lash line from corner to corner starting from the inner corner work the brush towards the outer edge of your eye.

Apply eyeshadow-turned-eyeliner to the other eye in the same way.

By following the above given three steps you will easily transform your eyeshadow into fantastic eyeliner that will render you a stunning look as if you have sported the genuine eyeliner.

How to Apply Bollywood Eyeshadow

Celebrities are a source of inspiration for women and some women use to be very crazy about looking like a celebrity. You can get a Bollywood look by wearing eye makeup in their style. For getting a Bollywood look follow the below-given tips.

Prepare your lids for eyeshadow application using an eyeshadow base or primer or a quality moisturizer to your full lid. It will ensure the durability of your eye makes for long. Let it dry out fully.

Now, drag your eyeshadow palette near and dab your large eyeshadow brush in the base color. Make sure to use very light base colors otherwise, it will prevent the highlighter and main color to serve effectively for making a statement for your eyes. Light gold or ivory are the ideal shades. Apply base shadow to your full lid extending it right under the brow bone.

Apply a darker shade, such as brown or cinnamon, in the pleat of your eyes with a smaller eyeshadow applicator. After dabbing the color over your eye crease, work it outward for creating a v-shape at the outside edge of your eyelid. Use metallic, light color eyeshadow-like fawn for highlighting the area right under your brows.

Define the shape of your eyes by contouring them with a deep, slender line of shadow using a small shadow applicator along the upper lash line, and curve up the line faintly at the corners. Go for a darker shade that matches the base and highlighter shadows you have worn. For added intensity, damp the brush before dabbing it into shadow and then apply it to your lids.

Contour the lower lash line using black eyeliner.

Give a finishing touch to the Bollywood look with the application of mascara to your lashes. Curl your lashes with a curler and then apply a double coating of black mascara.


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