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Glasses for Square Face Shape (Men & Women)

Do you think you’ve been having difficulty finding a pair of glasses for your square face shape? Choosing a perfect pair of glasses, sunglasses, and frame shape can be a difficult task for whatever face shape you have, either a round, oval, or square-shaped face. Here’s how to find the perfect frames or glasses for square face shape.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of eyewear is finding the perfect frame – and it’s even worse if you don’t know your face shape.

When you purchase eyeglasses or sunglasses, it’s essential to think about the shape of your face. Choosing frames that suit the shape of your face – whether that be a heart-shaped, square, oval, or round face – can help ensure you find a frame that complements your natural facial features.

What is my face shape?

In order to choose the right glasses for your face, you need to figure out what kind of face shape you have. The 5 most popular face shapes include:

  • round 
  • oval
  • heart-shaped
  • square
  • diamond-shaped

Keep in mind the truth about face shapes: the shape is relative. Almost nobody has a perfect heart, square, or any other narrowly defined face shape.

The best thing is to find eyewear that improves your vision and is comfortable to wear. Eye care professionals are trained to help you with the endless assortment of eyewear styles and brands available, so feel free to ask questions if you have confusion about the face shape and the right frame shape and style for your face. 


Are you sure you have a square face shape?

Not everyone has a perfectly square face. One person might have more square-shaped features while another has more round ones. It’s important to identify your most prominent features and match them to a style that best suits you.

Square faces are typically wide and short, with a broad forehead, balanced cheekbones, and a strong jawline. If you have a square face, you’ll be happy to know that there are many eyeglasses styles that will highlight your jawline and forehead.

Features of Square Face

Characteristic landmarks of Square Face are:

  • Equally wide forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • Angular features
  • Prominent horizontal jawline
  • Flat Chin

Best Eyeglass Frame Shape for a Square Face (Female and Male)

The main challenge with glasses for square faces is that they need to be wide enough to cover the broad forehead of the wearer. The frames also need to be bright enough so that they can make the wearer’s face look shorter and more proportional.

Thin round glasses work well with square and rectangular faces. Round and oval frames give a softer balance to the angular features of your face and the sharp angles in your jawline.

To draw attention away from the angles of your square face:

A light-colored round frame won’t create as much contrast to the lines in your square face as it would with a darker color. So, square faces can be made to appear longer by drawing attention away from the angular shape with bright colored round or oval frames.

Round Eyeglass Frames

Round and oval eyeglass frames are great for any square face. They can go with a variety of different styles, whether you’re looking for feminine or masculine pieces (depending on who you ask), and they’re very versatile. The soft lines give shape to square faces well, in case you were looking over what to wear.

The frames might have wire rims and a minimalist aesthetic. The frames with curved temples and larger nose pads might be good if you have a wide face.

Browline Glasses

If you have a square face, make your signature style with classic browline glasses. These frames have a thicker top that creates the flattering angular shape of eyebrows. Whether you’re at work or out and about, this style is perfect for creating a striking appearance on a square face!

A natural curve around the eyes helps to draw attention away from any sharp angles in your face.


Bright Colored Oval Glasses

Enjoy a bold statement by wearing a flattering pair of glasses that are shaped for your face: oval frames are great for creating balance in your style. The best glasses for square faces will soften your strong angles and make it easier to see with the use of fun colors like blue or green.


Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye frames have an upswept rim where the frame connects to the temples and they give the wearer a vaguely cat-like appearance around the eyes.

Not all cat-eye sunglasses and glasses are just meant for women. There are some great men’s designer versions that don’t cause anyone to question your masculinity. Buddy Holly is a leading example of a celebrity using them, too.


Aviator Eyeglass Frames

Aviator sunglasses and glasses frames are timeless and classic. They can go with a variety of outfits, but their soft lines and oval shape are perfect for square faces.

Aviators can be made of any material, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your style. They come in a variety of sizes and styles- from small frames to round lenses.

It’s always a good idea to opt for traditional aviators if you’re trying to maintain your current look. Recent models have round lenses, but older styles are more affordable and will give you the classic style you’ve grown accustomed to.


Perfect Glasses for Square Face

Choose the opposite shape of your square face such as round or oval frames with these features.

  • Thin and dark round or oval frame 
  • Width slightly wider than your cheekbones
  • Avoid square or rectangular frame

Sunglasses for Square Face Shape

You should get the right pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape. This can make a big difference in how your frames look and feel on you, so be sure to browse through what’s available and find one that works for your face shape, best showcases your features, and is most comfortable.

For square-shaped faces, that means taking care to not make a face even more angular by wearing a frame that has an edgy shape. More rounded frames will make your face look longer and more oval frames can give it a softer appearance.

Sunglass frames that have soft and thin lines are best for people with square-shaped faces. Your square facial features will be made more appealing with a round frame shape. With this type of sunglass frame, the jawline is softened, the eyes are emphasized and the nose appears longer.

For square faces, the best sunglass frames are round or oval, aviators, browline, cat-eye, and wayfarers. Stay away from heavy square or rectangular frames. This draws attention to the sharp lines common in square-shaped faces.

  • Round or Oval Sunglass Frame
  • Browline
  • Cat-Eye
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarers

Frame or Glass Shape to Avoid in Your Square Face

Avoid choosing square or rectangular eyeglass frames, they’ll make your strong and well-proportioned face look too wide and rigid. 


As you now know the right way to find the right glasses for your square face shape, you’ll be able to find a pair that will look perfect and will bring a natural balance to your face.

Each collection of glasses covers a range of shapes and sizes, perfect for round, oval, square, triangular, or heart-shaped faces. The same rule is applied when selecting sunglass frames for your square faces.

Keep in mind that this is just a guideline. There are so many different glasses to choose from and the perfect pair should suit your needs best.

Schedule an eye exam with your optometrist to get your eyeglass prescription and find the best frames for your square-shaped face.

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