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10 Things You Could Do to Deal with Depression

You can do something to deal with depression. In Australia alone, over 3 million adults suffer from depression annually. You are not alone in your struggle. Never lose hope because studies and research show that people can conquer depression. The following are the things that you can do right now to face depression head-on:

By Maria Dalit


1. Journal

Writing your thoughts down will greatly help. It will allow you to be fully free in expressing your thoughts, struggles, and feelings. Being fully aware of your thoughts and your concerns will fully allow you to manage your stress. Depressed people are often stressed because they feel overwhelmed with life.

With journaling, people can easily pinpoint every single concern and see matters from a totally different perspective. Writing things down relieves the mind from stress. It gives an undeniable sense of control and power.

2. Nurture Your Self-Image

Depressed people have low self-confidence and self-esteem. To do something about this, you need to intentionally do things that will make you feel good about yourself. Take a long relaxing bath and wear something nice. Spritz your favorite cologne and make yourself look good.

Looking good is the easiest way to feel good. You can also spend time with people that make you feel good about yourself. You can also get a haircut!

3. Try to be social to deal with depression

The easiest thing to do when one is depressed is to withdraw from all social connections. When one is withdrawn, one will feel more alienated and isolated. It becomes too easy to feel hopeless, scared, and overwhelmed. This is why it’s still best to reach out to friends.

Invite a friend to go on a short walk with you. Chat online on just about anything. Humans are social creatures. Depressed or not, you need a good dose of human connection to keep yourself healthy and well.

4. Daily routine helps to deal with depression

Keeping a daily routine will change your life. You will be amazed at how relaxed and at ease you will be. You’d have an easier time dealing with depression because your whole system will be acclimated to your daily energy flow and activities.

Depression is easier to deal with if your body is relaxed and at ease. Routines immensely help because it creates stability and consistency that promotes focus and inner peace.

5. Get good sleep.

You will be surprised at how a good night’s sleep can change your mood. You may even realize that you’re not even depressed — you just simply lack sleep. It’s impossible to function well and regulate one’s energy and emotions if one lacks sleep.

If you can’t do anything right now, the least that you could do is aim to have at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep at night. Incorporate this with setting up a routine. Aim to always wake up at the same time. You’d be amazed at how different it will make you feel.

6. Get moving.

Exercising is a magic pill. Not only will it make you fit, but it will also allow you to deal with depression effectively. It doesn’t have to be strenuous and heavy, you can simply opt to get moving. May it be walking, dancing, or stretching.

This is the case because exercise is potent in relieving people from stress. Continuously moving triggers the brain to release endorphins that make people feel good. This is why top Bali rehab centre coaches incorporate daily fitness activities to people under their care. Exercise truly helps.           

7. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

You should avoid alcohol and drug use at all costs as they will just make your depression worse. If you’re already taking medicines for depression, alcohol and drug use will not go well with them. You’d just end up feeling more drained and exhausted without even knowing why.

To deal with depression effectively, you should be strict in aiming for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Drinking any of your pain and concerns away is never the answer.

8. Eat nutritious foods that boost your mood.

Be proactive in creating a healthy diet for yourself. Consume foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can improve your mood immensely.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is essential because it will allow you to be fit and feel good about yourself. Eating junk food will only make you feel more depressed and out of control.

9. Ask for support.

You should know that you can always ask for support. Ask your friends or family members if they can spare some time for you. Be open with what you’re dealing with and ever ready to receive love and support from them.

Please give yourself the chance to be helped and cared for. Having family and friends that know what you’re going through will make you feel way better and motivated. You won’t feel alone in your struggle. And sometimes, that is simply what depressed people need.

10. Schedule an appointment with a therapist.

You should only do this if you’re ready for it. You should never feel forced or compelled to work with a therapist if it does not ring true to you. Working with a therapist will greatly help you because you’d have someone who can compassionately listen to you while analyzing and evaluating all your concerns by putting them in the proper perspective.

A therapist will help you get through depression by allowing you to fully ventilate all your pains and concerns through a medical lens. Your therapist will give you tools on how to handle stress and improve your sense of self. A therapist can also provide medication if needed.

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