Lower & Upper Lip Twitching Meaning, Superstition, & Spiritual Omen


What does it mean when your lower or upper lip twitches? What are the superstitions, myths, common beliefs, and spiritual meanings of bottom and upper lip twitching? To know the answers, keep reading below. Today’s topic is Lip Twitching Meaning, Superstition, and Spiritual Meaning.


Twitching of any body part is defined as a painless, harmless, repetitive, involuntary spasm of the muscles. Spams of muscles usually last for a few seconds to several days.

Similar to the twitch of other parts of the body, upper and lower lip twitching occurs due to the spasm of muscles of the lip. Here, the lip trembles or shakes giving irritation and discomfort.

Just like the twitching of other body parts, top and bottom lips are also supposed to carry spiritual meanings, omen, myths, or superstitions.

Today, we will be talking about some interesting, and amazing superstitions and meanings of upper and lower lip twitching. Before moving onto lips itching meanings, let’s spend some time learning about superstition.

What is Superstition?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines superstition as “a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation”.

The report of Statista Research Department (2019) shows that 11-27% of Americans believe in some kind of superstition.

Spiritual meanings, superstitions, and myths have strongly interwoven in every culture, tradition, and have become one of the important aspects of human civilization.

Some people believe that lip twitching means you are going to lose your friend soon, while others believe that you are going to improve relations with your family members.

Let’s learn in detail about what the right and left sides of upper and bottom lips twitching have to tell you about your days.


Upper Lip Twitching Superstition & Spiritual Meaning

Like twitching of other body parts, upper lip twitching is also supposed to carry spiritual meaning or superstition.

The right part of the upper lip twitching and the left part of the upper lip twitching have different superstitious meanings.

Following are some of the popular and widely accepted beliefs, omens, superstitions, or spiritual meanings of top or upper lip twitching.

Right Upper Lip Twitching Meaning and Superstition

Although the right upper lip twitch irritates you for a while, it brings good fortune to your life. It is a positive omen that symbolizes prosperity, love, happiness, and good family relation.

If you have the right part of the upper lip twitching, you are going to collect a large amount of wealth or money in the near future. Your friends and relatives will get jealous of your new income.

You might have gone through a poor family relationship, but that will end soon as right upper lip twitching is also the harbinger of good family relations, especially with family members of the opposite gender. Likewise, you will also receive gifts from your family.

If you are a male, you will have improved relations with your mother and other female family members. Likewise, for a female, it’s a good time to see better relations with her father, brothers, and other male members in the family.

Some people take right upper lip twitching as a positive sign of getting involved in a new love relationship and friendship with a person of the opposite sex.

It is believed that you will enter into a long-term love relationship that will bring positive changes in your life. Moreover, you are likely to establish a friendship with good people that will benefit you every time.

Many people also believe that when you have your upper lip twitching, you will kiss the person you like very soon. Overall, twitching of the upper lip on the right side is a good omen.

Left Upper Lip Twitching Meaning and Superstition

Contrary to right upper lip twitching, left top lip twitching not only irritates you for a while it brings bad omen or loss in your life.

You can expect opposite results than that of right upper lip twitching in every aspect because left always indicates negative energy in life. If you have left upper lip twitching recently, be cautious as you are going to involve in disputes, arguments, and fight with your close friends or relatives.

You will be guided by anger all the time. As a consequence, it will be difficult to maintain friendly relations with other people.

To overcome the negative energy of left upper lip twitching, think several times before you talk to other people, and while making any decisions.

Another common myth or superstition related to twitching of the upper lip at the left side is that you will lose your close friends very soon as a result of an argument, fight, or demise of the person.

Bottom or Lower Lip Twitching Superstition & Spiritual Meaning

Similar to the upper lip twitching, lower lip twitching also has an interesting spiritual meaning or superstition. The right part of the lower lip twitching and the left part of the bottom lip twitching have different superstitious meanings.

Following are some of the well-known and ubiquitously present beliefs, omens, superstitions, or spiritual meanings of bottom or lower lip twitching.

Right Lower Lip Twitching Meaning and Superstition

There is one good news and one bad news for those who are having right lower lip twitching.

The good news is that right lower lip twitching means you are likely to get a chance to travel to a foreign country. This will make you cheerful and you will enjoy it a lot.

The bad news is that the irritation of the right lower lip twitching is going to trouble you in another way also. You will lose money in gambling, such as a bet, or casino. Your profligate nature will lead you to the loss of wealth. So, be careful not to spend money on useless things and in gambling.

Left Bottom Lip Twitching Meaning and Superstition

Left bottom lip or lower lip twitching is also bringing you more trouble and stress in life. You will have to go through a situation where your reputation will be destroyed by other people, especially someone of the opposite sex.

To overcome the negative effect of left lower lip fluttering, be cautious while making any decisions. Moreover, you have to stay away from people who don’t have good relationship with you because they are looking for the right time to debase you in society or the workplace.

Upper or Lower Lip Twitching While Talking

If the twitching lip is irritating you in front of other people while talking to them, don’t get angry because it is a good omen. It is a positive sign that you will see many new friends in your life very soon; either in the workplace, school or in society.

You are also likely to see old friends you haven’t talked to for a while. So, lip twitching while talking is an indication of your social life in a positive way.

What does it Mean When Both Lips Twitches?

Both lips twitching has mixed signs for you. It is a sign that you will indulge in some fights or disputes with people with whom you don’t have a good relationship. But there will be your friends to support you if you have to fight against your enemies.

If the central part of your upper or lower lip twitches, you will get a chance to enjoy a delicious meal very soon.

Upper & Lower Lip Twitching Causes

The causes of upper or bottom lip twitching range from excess caffeine intake to brain disorders. Early detection and treatment allow you to get rid of the symptoms of lip twitching easily within a short time period.

Some of the common causes of lip twitching or lip quivering are caffeine intoxication, medications such as corticosteroids, potassium deficiency, Bell’s palsy, nerve disorder due to alcohol, hemifacial spasms, Tourette syndrome, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, hypoparathyroidism, DiGeorge syndrome, among others.

Home Remedy

On the basis of the cause of the lip quivering, the treatment should be started. But there are several home remedies or dietary intake that can help you cope with lower or upper lip twitching.

As we have mentioned earlier, excess consumption of caffeine might cause lip twitching. Reducing the amount of coffee intake (less than 3 cups per day) is the first thing you can do at home to relieve the problem of lip quivering.

You can simply avoid the consumption of coffee for some days to find out whether the problem is related to excess caffeine in the body or not.

If you are an alcoholic, cut out alcohol or reduce its intake for some days. This should solve the problem of twitching lips if the cause of twitching is excess alcohol.

Potassium deficiency in the body is a major cause of lower or upper lip twitching. To increase the potassium levels in the blood, consume fruits that are rich in potassium, such as banana, avocado, and vegetables like broccoli, and spinach.

Applying pressure to your twitching lips with fingers also stops the problem in some cases. First, start the home remedies to relieve the problem.

If your lips don’t stop twitching even with the home remedies, it’s time to see the doctor.

The lip twitching due to muscle spasms that are caused by excess caffeine intake, potassium deficiency, or excess alcohol can be solved with simple home remedies.

But the bottom or upper lip twitching caused by serious medical conditions such as parathyroid disorder or nervous disorder needs medical intervention.

Final Thought on Upper or lower Lip Twitching Meaning, Superstition, & Spiritual Omen

Although we lack scientific evidence to back the superstitions or beliefs related to lip twitching that are prevailing in different societies for hundreds of years, we can’t say they are bad things of society.

Some people may find this topic irritating and useless, while others take it as one of the important ways of being aware of the situations in life.

It’s all up to you whether to take lower and upper lip fluttering superstition as just an old wives’ tale or to take the message as an important hint to make decisions in your every step of life.

But being careful about the incidences that might encounter in life is always a good practice, whether you get the hint from life experience or superstition.

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