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Meaning of Mole in Eye – Eyelid, Eyebrow, Other Parts

The mole on the eye can be seen as a spiritual and superstitious symbol. The eye is the representation of the soul and seeing a mole on it, could be seen as a warning or bad luck. It can also represent wisdom, insight, and knowledge. So, what are other myths, superstitions, and symbolic or spiritual meanings of the mole in eye: eyelid, eyebrow, and other parts of the eye?

Before moving on to the mole on the eye meaning and symbolism, let’s know in brief about the mole in general.

What is a Mole?

A mole in any part of the body is a pigmented spot on the skin. The medical term for a mole is melanocytic nevus as it is composed of melanocytes.

These clusters of pigment-producing cells can be found anywhere on the skin. Moles are usually brown or black, but they can also be pink or flesh-colored.

They may have hair growing from them or they might not. Moles are usually round or oval in shape and may have a smooth surface.

There are many different types of moles, which can be classified by their location on the body and appearance. Most moles appear by age 10 and some adults develop new ones as well. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles at any given time with up to 100 appearing over a lifetime.


Mole in Eye Meaning and Symbolism

Mole can be found in several locations within and around the eyes. It is possible to have moles in the white part of the eye, on eyelids, under the eye, at the back of the eye, or in eyebrow regions.

On the basis of the location of the mole on the eye, there are different meanings and symbols. Let’s have a look at the moles on the eye and their spiritual meanings, myths, superstitions, or symbolic meanings.

Mole in the Right Eye Meaning

-Easy Money

People with a mole in their right eye are quick earners. They don’t have to go out of their way to make money and they’ll find that it comes regardless of what they do for a living.

-Sign of Beauty

Some people say that a mole on the right eye signifies beauty. These people claim that they are not sure why this is supposed to be but it could be because the right side of the face is considered more attractive or it might have something to do with symmetry. The right side of the body represents the positive energy that inspires mood.

Mole in the Left Eye Symbolism

-Sign of Strength and Intelligence

The majority of the people believe that persons with a mole on their left eye are more intelligent than those without. They are also more likely to have good leadership skills.

The mole on the left eye can also be seen as a sign of strength. If you have this, it is believed that you are one of the few people who are able to overcome any obstacles in their path. Not only this, but you may also have an incredible ability to succeed in life.


This is a bad omen of the mole in the left eye. A mole in the left eye of a person is indicative of a number of things. The person may be arrogant or may have a tendency to engage in aggressive behavior.

-Extramarital Relationship

There is an old wives’ tale that says that people with a mole in their left eye are considered to involve in extramarital affairs. Because of this, some people take the left eye mole as a sign of bad luck.

Mole Under the Eye

A mole under the eye often signifies a problem in your love life. But when it is one of the ones closest to your nose it’s seen as good luck.

Any other nearby locations beneath the eyes signify sadness or misfortune. Moles underneath the right eye are usually negative which means you’re more prone to accidents with fire, gossip.

Mole on the Eyelids

Right Eyelid

A mole on the right eyelid symbolizes wealth. The person will save money and eventually become financially stable. He may also have an inner need to feel special by overspending.

He will spend money to appease God by constructing temples or undertaking rituals

Left Eyelid

A mole on the left eyelid can signify someone who is very ambitious and work-driven, yet they are also prone to jealousy from those around them. They are typically not very well-off financially, but they do work hard to achieve what they want.

Mole on the Upper Eyelid

A mole on the upper eyelid typically indicates that someone tends to enjoy their freedom and is less tied down. They might not have a set residence or are prone to moving around often.

A good mole suggests the person is open to new opportunities and may be able to turn any misfortune into an opportunity. A bad mole, on the other hand, may mean they are against their superiors or elders and this will lead to never being given an opportunity.

A mole in the inner part of the top eyelids is also a sign of good luck and wealth. The size and position of the mole will change the meaning it has.

Mole on the Lower Eyelid

If a mole exists in a person’s lower eyelid, it can be a sign of trouble in love. You must take careful account of whether or not there is someone from the outside involved in the relationship.

Some people might start to worry or feel regretful after getting married because of children. This can affect the love between couples and even lead to divorce. But if the mole has a good shape, it predicts there will be many children and grandchildren in the future.

Mole on the Eyebrows Meaning

A mole on the eyebrow is often associated with good fortune for wealth and longevity. These people are typically serious, responsible, kind-hearted public-spirited, and talented in the arts.

If it is a good mole (dark black with well-defined margins), it means being helped by people; in the case of a bad mole (faded color with no distinct margins), it suggests that help from friends is limited.

Right Eyebrow

If the mole is located on the right eyebrow, then it will indicate you will have a happy marriage with a good lady. And after that luck just follows you around. You should also invest in her name because it brings prosperity. This is a traditional superstition of Hindu astrology.

Left Eyebrow

The mole is on the left eyebrow is supposed to symbolize the person’s bad luck. He will not be able to get along with his superiors and could not get a promotion at work. He might experience difficulty with managing his business successfully too.

Above the Eyebrows

The most common places for moles to be found on the body are on the head and neck. One of the more famous ones is right above the eyebrows and has been called by many people “the lucky mole” as a mole in this region represents luck and wealth in life. You need to work hard to get it, but you will have it.

For those who have a mole above the eyebrow on either the right or left eye, be even more aware when you manage your finances. You may be too trusting and should be careful in the future.

Beneath the Eyebrows

In China, a mole under the eyebrows is considered a sign of intelligence and creativity. In the past, it was thought that only intelligent and creative people could have this facial feature.

Between Eyebrows

The area between the eyebrows is called the “career palace” in the field of physiognomy. The interpretation is that this area has something to do with one’s career advancement and success.

A good mole in this region may indicate a better future in terms of work. If this mole is a bad mole, it may mean that you will have a serious problem with your marriage or a serious emotional issue when you are 28 years old.

People with this type of mole are likely to experience bad luck caused by carelessness, so they should be always vigilant when things are going well.

The mole at the middle of the eyebrows is also said to represent leadership qualities, great wealth, influence, and success. This person will lead a charmed life and be popular during their lifetime. They are extravagant and enjoy the company of women.

Mole on Outer Corner of Eye Symbolism

If someone has a mole on the outer corner of their eye, it indicates that they are good at getting on with people and have an appealing nature. They will be lucky in love throughout their life.

At the start of any relationship, people are happy. But it won’t last. The first marriage is often thwarted.

If the mole is dark and bright, it suggests that you can look forward to a lot of help and support from men/women for your career.

Women with this type of mole will often attract good and bad men whether they want to or not, so it would be a good idea for them to identify what kind their mole is.

Mole on the White Part of the Eye (Sclera) Meaning

For some people, moles are located on or even inside the eye. If a mole is located inside the sclera (whites of your eye) of your right eye, then it’s said to act as an indication of easy money, but if it’s on the left, then this would mean arrogance.

Mole on the Back of the Eye

A mole on the back of the eye is a symbol that represents the soul. A mole on this part of the eye is said to represent something in your life that you have either neglected or have grown tired of.

Mole on the Eye Socket Meaning

The mole in the eye socket is usually considered to be a good omen. The person with the mole in their eye socket is said to be peace-loving and gentle, rather than mean or rough.

In some cultures, it is believed that a mole in the eye socket is a harbinger of a painful situation and premature death.


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