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Smokey Eye Makeup Looks: Step-by-Step DIY Tutorials

How to create smokey eye makeup looks? Today’s topic is all about step-by-step DIY tutorials for beginner’s eye makeup: Introduction, Purple, charcoal, multicolored, rose-colored smokey eye makeup.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is the choice of most women when it comes to creating a charming and stunning night look. It can be done with different colors and each color gives you a unique but luring and pretty appearance. We will teach you the way to create charcoal smokey eye makeup, how to apply charcoal smokey eye makeup, and purple smokey eye makeup. You can easily give charcoal and purple smokey effect to your eyes if you know the tricks. Do it in a below-given way and get the salon-quality results.


Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Eye makeup makes your eyes look chic and elegant. There are many styles of eye makeup of which smokey eye makeup is arguably the trendiest one whose popularity never ends. The creation of Smokey eyes is a bit tricky but once you know the exact way of its application, you will find it easiest to apply.

Put on a thin coating of foundation over your lids and then apply a little amount of translucent face powder over them. Both these products will help to retain the eye makeup for a long time as well as in creating flawless makeup

Now apply eyeliner along the top lashes as close to the lash line as possible. If you have small eyes then shun your eyes’ inner corners as it serves to effectively impart a shrunken effect to the eyes.

After applying eyeliner, slightly smear the lines, using a makeup sponge or cotton tip, to render a softer and milder appearance to them.

When it comes to the application of eye shadow, begin with a light-colored base shade such as gold, beige, gray, or cream. While choosing the base shade, make sure that it complements your natural skin tone perfectly.

The next step is the application of dark shade to your eyes. Dab the applicator into a darker-shaded eye shadow and contour your eyes. Put it on the line you had drawn with eyeliner to make it thicker and more prominent. Black, dark-gray, dark purple, or other dark colors are the best choices for the creation of a Smokey effect.

Now close your eyes and apply the dark-colored eye shadow to their pleats from the inner corner to the outer corner. Blend the eye shadow thoroughly to impart a natural look to the eyes.

Give a finishing touch to eye makeup by applying a thick mascara coating to your top and bottom lashes. Remove any clusters from the lashes with the tip of the mascara wand.

How To apply purple smokey eye makeup: DYI Tutorial

Smokey eye makeup can be done in different colors. Purple Smokey makeup looks very trendy and imparts a stunning and glamorous look to you. If you are not hiring the services of a professional beautician but want to have a purple Smokey eye look as if it’s created by a professional then skim this article.


Preparing the eyelids is the first step while it comes to create the smokey eye look. Sometimes it happens that make-up gets wedged between the pleats and begins to melt; the tip to prevent this disastrous situation is to keep the eyelids oil-free. For keeping the lids oil-free, apply an eye-shadow base called primer. After the application of primer, move on to the next step.

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Then, draw a line just along the border of your top eyelash using quality eyeliner. Purple eyeliner is the right choice since you are creating a purple smokey effect; however, if you don’t want to use, purple go for a black one. Thicken the line amid using the same liner. If you love to give a shimmery look to your eye makeup; go for jewel-toned eyeliner.

Eyeliner smudging is the third step. The purpose of this step is to make the bed of your eye darker than the rest of the eye. Smudge the eyeliner thoroughly to give a brilliant look to the eyeshadow.

Smudge the liner well until it turns hazy and then sweep a lighter-shaded eye shadow through the middle. A glittery champagne tone will work the best for creating a nice smokey eye look. Ensure thoroughly smearing the glittery shade before climbing to the next step.

Now, apply purple eyeshadow in the middle of the eye and smudge again well. Make sure that towards the top lash the shade is darker, however, as you move upward it lighten up. Blend all the shades well and after meticulously blending the shades; shape your smokey eyes.

Using the brush that you used to create the smokey eyes, shape the eyeshadow. If you love to use dark eyeshadow tones then ensure going for one that complements your natural skin tone.

Give a finishing touch to the eye makeup with the application of translucent or black mascara. Don’t forget to curl the lashes before applying mascara if you wish to make your eyes look mesmerizing.

Charcoal Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eye makeup has a variety of styles such as purple Smokey eyes, navy blue Smokey eyes, charcoal Smokey eyes, etc. Earlier we taught you how to do purple Smokey eye makeup; now we will let you know the proper way to create charcoal Smokey eye makeup.


How To Create Charcoal Smokey Eye Makeup

As the first step while creating any makeup style is the foundation or base application, so, start creating the charcoal Smokey eye style with the application of foundation and face powder. If you don’t make use of foundation then cover your eye area with powder only to ensure the durability of makeup for long.

Contour the top and bottom lids with a charcoal eye pencil. While applying the eye pencil for creating this look, the main focus of attention uses to be the outer corners of the top lids. Mitigate the lines by smearing with the help of a cotton swab or your fingertip.

Blend the shade well with the help of a small makeup brush to add a dark glittery gray eye shadow on the liner on the top and bottom lids. Be careful while applying eye shadow to the lower lid. If your complexion is dark then you can go for a deep gray color; however, if your complexion is fair then it’s advisable to stick to a softer shade of gray color.

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Next cover the complete eyelid with a pure, lighter-shaded gray color unto the brow using a medium makeup brush. You can go either for glittery or matte shadows. Blend the line between the darker and lighter-colored gray shadow.

In the end, apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes. Let the first coating of mascara get dry and then apply another mascara coating on the upper lashes.

How To apply

Eye makeup is an effective way to change your entire personality. A number of eye makeup ideas are there that can make you look much more attractive and gorgeous. One such eye makeup style is Smokey eye that can be created using a variety of shades such as charcoal, purple, etc. Here we are telling you the right way to create a flawless Charcoal smokey eye effect.

Start the application of eye makeup with foundation and powder. Put on the foundation over the eyelids. If the foundation is not at hand or you don’t want to use it then apply powder on the lids and under-eye area for making the makeup durable.

Next, use a charcoal eye pencil to contour tops as well as bottom eyelids. The outside corner of the top eyelid should be the focus of your concentration while applying an eye pencil for creating a charcoal smokey eye effect. Then, mitigate the lines by smudging using a cotton swab or tip of your ring finger.

After smudging the lines, apply dark glittery gray eye shadow over the top and bottom lids with the help of a small makeup brush. Be careful while using eye shadow on the lower eyelid. If you have a dark complexion then it is wise to go for deep gray color, but for those having a lighter complexion, a softer gray shade is the right choice.

Using a medium-size makeup brush, dab a pure lighter gray shade on the entire lid and up-to-the brow. You can use either glittery or matte shade. Ensure blending the line between the darker and lighter gray shadow with a brush.

Give the final touches to the makeup by the application of a double coat of black mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

The Proper Way To Create Multicolored Smokey Eye Makeup

When it comes to the evening look, usually women prefer to go for the bright or neutral colors as they are scared to try out the darker eye colors. But professionals believe that bright and neutral shades are not suitable for an evening occasion as they can look garish or faded in the evening time.

In contrast, dark and soft shades, such as opaque black and navy blue are ideal for evening occasions. Creating a multicolored smoky eye look is not a tough task.  You can create this look if you have different applicators and eye shadows.


The proper way to create Multicolored Smokey Eye Makeup this look is given below:

  • Start with the application of an eye shadow base or a primer. Cover your eyelid with a primer or base using your ring finger moving in a patting motion.
  • After preparing the eyelid for eye makeup with the primer, put on black-colored cream eye shadow to your full eyelid using an eye shadow brush.
  • Now paint the crease of your eyes with a matte black-blue eye shadow using the other side of your eye shadow brush.
  • Blend the black-blue shadow thoroughly with the help of a blending brush, sweeping in the upward direction towards the brow bone, and stop blending just before the bone.
  • After thoroughly blending the black-blue shadow, put on a navy eye shadow on the lids with the help of a blending brush.
  • Coat the area just below the eyebrow with cream-colored eyeliner and then smear the eyeliner with the fingers.
  • Apply the navy eye shadow to the bottom lash line with a liner brush.
  • Draw lines along the top and bottom lash lines with black eyeliner.
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Give a finishing touch to the look by applying black-colored mascara to the top lash line only.

How to Create a Smoky Rose-Colored Eye for Valentine’s Day

On the romantic day of Valentine’s, if you want to change your entire look using mind-blowing and refreshing colors then pink makeup can be an ideal choice for you. Along with the face makeup you can use a range of pink shades for creating a Smokey rose-colored eye look.


The way of creating the look How to Create a Smoky Rose-Colored Eye for Valentine’s Day is given below:

  • Prepare your eyelids for the application of eye makeup with an eye primer or base. Apply it to your lids as well as to the bottom lash line. It comes in gel and cream forms and helps to make your makeup durable and keeping it fresh for a long time.
  • After that, drag your eye shadow palette, dab your eye shadow brush in a petal-pink cream eye shadow slightly, and put it onto your full eyelid.
  • Now intensify the petal-pink shade by the application of a paralyzed-pink eye shadow over your whole lid with the same eye shadow applicator.
  • Tap a dark plum into the external corner of the lids with the help of a blending brush, and then blend it lightly but thoroughly. Now blend the dark plum thoroughly into the pink eye shadow with a blending brush moving from the outside corner to the inward direction until it evenly mends with pink.
  • Apply deep-brown liquid eyeliner coating to your top as well as the bottom lash lines. Be careful while sporting eyeliner to the bottom lash line and apply only to the outer third part of the lower lash line.
  • Smear the liner gently into the outside corner of the lid with a pencil brush.

Give a finishing touch to the look with the application of black mascara to the lashes.


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