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Spiritual or Biblical Meaning of Feces, Defecating in a Dream

What is the biblical meaning of feces in a dream? Is there any spiritual meaning of defecating in a dream? Do you ever have dreams about pooping? If so, what do they mean?

Dreams about defecating can be interpreted in many ways, depending on your religious and spiritual beliefs.

In this blog post, we will explore the biblical and spiritual meaning of defecating in a dream. We will also discuss some of the most common interpretations of feces dreams.

So, if you’ve been wondering what your dream about pooping means spiritually or biblically, keep reading!

Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Defecating in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream

This may be new to you, but the bible has some verses which refer to defecating or poop (I know it sounds weird, but think about it).

Matthew 23:24 (more examples are in there) says something along the lines of ‘….. clean only the outside of your pot…..’.

This means that whatever is on the outside, doesn’t matter how much it looks clean or perfect on the outside doesn’t change what’s on the inside.

This verse biblically means that someone can have a facade, look nice and appear holy/pure even – when this isn’t so.

Genesis 31:34 says something about Jacob defecating in the house of Laban [Laban was her father].

This may sound strange but it is referring to Jacob stealing from Laban and breaking his trust (he wasn’t honest), by taking his family idols.

Deuteronomy 23:12-13 says something like if a man has defecated outside, you must make sure he knows about this before he comes back inside your home/to you otherwise the shame will cause problems within your relationship(?).

This verse spiritually means that if dirt and pollution (something bad) comes into a situation (place) unknowingly, then steps have to be taken to clean this up before allowing things to go ahead as normal.

In all 3 verses defecating symbolizes something bad – I think it is a metaphor for sin. Sin symbolizes defilement and pollution, so this is what the bible seems to be saying when talking about defecating.

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Now onto Spiritual Waking Dreams

I have had a few experiences of being in bed and feeling something pulling at my pajamas/clothes from one side, while someone pulls me the other way too.

In these experiences, I was then dragged out of bed into an altered state where I was then approached by spirits wanting to speak with me.

This could have been demons or angels (good spirits) – it’s difficult to say because many times they just remain silent, which makes them hard to identify properly.

These dreams are like real-life experiences in that they are very convincing.

When I have these dreams, my clothes are usually pulled off me so I’m left with just my underpants on – but no matter how hard they pull or grab at me, my underpants stay on..

Some of the people who’ve reported having experienced this weird phenomenon have said that their clothes were more difficult to move in compared to normal (clothes which aren’t worn to bed).

So it may be that there is something about trying to get your pajamas/clothes off while you are asleep in bed that triggers this Spiritual experience.

The reason why this is called a ‘Spiritual dream’ is that it happens outside of usual consciousness during sleep, but it appears real enough for you to interact with (i.e. realistic and not like watching a film).

Also, the experiences seem to indicate something otherworldly about them (like you’re experiencing angelic or demonic encounters) and they’re all very difficult to explain logically; this makes it difficult for people who don’t believe in anything Spiritual or ‘out of this world to accept that they may be real..

I wonder whether anyone has experienced the same thing as me – I’d really love to hear your comments on what other people think about these dreams/experiences.

Spiritual Meaning of Defecating in a Dream

Sometimes it is not very easy to understand the meaning of a dream. But if you can find out what symbolizes feces in a dream, then it will be easier for you to interpret your dream.

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People usually try their best to avoid even talking about feces or waste materials. However, several verses of the Holy Scriptures talk about this subject matter.

By understanding the Spiritual symbolism of defecating, you can easily interpret dreams related to fecal matter.

1- The Symbolic Meaning of Feces or Waste Matter:

Feces and waste matter in a dream represent the end of something like the end of a relationship, business project, etc.

It also represents an end to accumulated wealth and prestige in your life.

However, if you see yourself defecating outside in a dream, then it means that you will overcome some negative characteristics such as dishonesty and falsehood.

2- What does Dreaming of Feces or Defecation Indicate spiritually?

If you see yourself pooping in your pants in a dream, then it means that you will be faced with some negative and serious circumstances.

However, if you merely see yourself looking at someone else who is defecating or who has already done so, then it indicates that you should give more respect to the one whom you saw.

Other Spiritual and Biblical Meaning of Poop, Feces or Defecating in a Dream

1- If a politician dreams that he has made an urgent call to answer the call of nature; then such a dream denotes that he will face financial problems and other related difficulties due to his negligence of major issues.

2- If a businessman sees himself going pooping without being aware of where he is going; then such a dream could mean that he will lose all the money he has earned in speculation.

3- If a man sees himself defecating in his pants; then such a dream denotes that he will be faced with some false and incorrect accusations. He would also suffer from financial loss and not to mention that his reputation would take a hit due to this behavior of his.

4- If a traveler dreams that he is defecating outside on the road or on the sidewalk, then it means that he will have no choice but to postpone his travel plan for another time because of an unexpected situation.

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5- If someone dreams about someone else defecating instead of seeing himself doing so; then such a dream indicates that you should give more respect and dignity to the one whom you saw in your dream.

6- If someone dreams that someone else has defecated on him; then bear in mind to remain watchful over your own actions because you could be the one who is about to make a grave mistake or act inappropriately.

7- If someone dreams that he has seen himself giving up something like a solid waste; then it means that he will fail to achieve his objectives regardless of how much effort he put into achieving them.

8- Someone dreaming of seeing his parents celebrating while they are busy with pooping denotes that there are some problems that have different explanations and implications, but regardless of this fact, there are no chances at all for their resolutions except through someone’s death which may happen soon after this dream.


So, now that you have read everything about the symbolic meaning of defecating in a dream, then hopefully, you will be able to easily interpret this type of dream.

Bear in mind that there are several verses in the Holy Scriptures that mention this subject matter. By keeping all these things in your mind, you can even start interpreting dreams related to fecal matter on your own.

Do not hesitate to share any comments or questions with us via the comment sections below!


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