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Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel in Eye & Treatment

What is the broken blood vessel in the eye or subconjunctival hemorrhage? Is there any spiritual meaning of broken blood vessels in the eye? Today’s topic is all about red spots in the white part of the eye, causes, risk factors, treatment, and the spiritual meanings associated with the condition.

A red spot seen on the white part of the eye due to burst or broken blood vessels is medically known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. We will come to the introduction, causes, risk factors, and prevention of this condition later. But at first, let’s dive deep into the spiritual meaning of broken blood vessels in the eye.


Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

Like the abnormalities in any other body parts, red spots or broken blood vessel in the eye also carries meaningful spiritual or superstitious messages.

The symbolic significance of the broken blood vessels in the eye varies based on which of the two eyes is affected.

The right eye attached to the right side of the body and the left eye attached to the left side carry spiritual meanings that should be explained considering the position of these eyes.

The right side of the human body is connected and governed by consciousness and intuition, whereas emotions rule or control the left part of the body.

Followings are the spiritual meanings of broken blood vessels in the right eye and the left eye.

Superstition and Spiritual Meaning of Burst Blood Vessel in Right Eye

As we have explained earlier, the right part of the body is connected to consciousness and intuition.

The pain, redness, or any other abnormalities in the right side of the body is a spiritual omen that tells you to pay attention to your consciousness and intuition, rather than to get guided by your emotions.

When you start replacing your wisdom with emotions, you will see the events that are not going on the right track. Any relationships, responsibilities, and activities that are controlled by your inner wisdom or intuition provide fruitful consequences.

You might have developed the wrong impression about any person or thing.  Likewise, you might be thinking about why the people around you are treating you badly.

The broken blood vessel in the right eye is providing positive affirmations to stop thinking about things and people around you as you used to.

What you have to do is just relax and think with your cool head and start using your wisdom to deal with anything or anyone around you, rather than being emotional.

Omen and Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel in Left Eye

Contrary to the right side of the body, the left side is supposed to be connected and controlled by emotions. It means the left side is the seat of emotion.

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Emotion plays a vital role in human life. The only characteristic that separates humans from other animals is the developed form of emotion controlling human beings.

Each and every activity, and relationship are full of a multitude of emotions, such as happiness, motivation, sadness, pain, sorrow, jealousy, greed, among many others.

It is normal behavior to be emotional, but our judgment should not be guided by emotions, rather it should be controlled by intuition, facts, and visions. Uncontrolled emotions always blur the sense of judgment.

When you have burst blood vessels in the left eye it is a reminder from the universal force that you should stop allowing your emotions to make judgments so that you will see the world as it is, and you will get positive feedback and real consequences of your activities.

Symbolic Meanings of Broken Blood Vessel in Your Eye

So far, we have discussed the symbolic meanings and messages of the red spots or patches in the white part of the eye.

There are other meaningful spiritual messages when you have broken blood vessels in either of your eyes. Some of them are mentioned below.

-Make yourself ready for changes and challenges

The first symbolic or spiritual meaning of a broken blood vessel in the eye is that you have to make yourself flexible for any positive changes or challenges in your life.

The changes will not ruin you in any way. So, accept the challenges with complete faith in the universal energy that is going to help you to increase your strength to overcome the challenges.

The only thing you have to do is trust yourself and the environment around you so that you can pass through the upcoming challenges with positive outcomes for your better future.

-Consider Health as Wealth

The red spot or patch on the white part of your eye is a warning sign that your health condition is deteriorating day by day. You are not focusing much on your good health.

Remember ‘health is wealth’. you can achieve any goals in your life if you have good health. Your guiding angel or the universal force is trying to remind you of the worse health condition that is likely in the future.

Take the spiritual meaning of broken blood vessels in your eye seriously and pay attention to improving your health condition for a better future.

-Change your perception of yourself and the people around you

Another meaningful symbol of burst blood vessels in the eye is that you must change your vision towards yourself and your surroundings. The old saying ‘change inside of yourself if you want to change the world outside’ is spiritually related here.

You might have seen and experienced your life in your own environment. But the world is way bigger than your own environment. Get out of your illusion, and your past experiences in order to add a new taste to your life.

Your own inner circle should not limit you to embrace the changes that are happening in the world. When you try to see the world as it is, you will see opportunities to be happy, healthy, and enjoy the beauty of life.

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The broken blood vessel in your eye is trying to give you a hint not to get trapped by your own imagination, past, and painful experiences.

-Positive Breakthrough

Spiritually, the broken blood vessels symbolize the present scenario of your life. Like the blood escaping out of the vessels, you are going to escape your situation of mundane life, and see the positive breakthrough.

The positive changes will fill your life with colors of happiness, and prosperity like the blood colors the white part of the eye.

This is completely insane for those who try to correlate the broken blood vessels with the breakthrough in human life, but that’s how the spiritual things are related in the physical world.

This spiritual meaning of burst blood vessels in your eye helps you to stay positive and expect good things to happen in the near future.

Right & Left Eye Pain Spiritual Meaning

Pain in the right side of the body is associated with good omen and pain in the left side is a sign of bad luck. The same rule applies to the spiritual meaning of the left and right eye pain.

If you are suffering from mild to moderate right eye pain without any underlying medical causes, then it might be a sign of good luck. Something good is going to happen in your life.

Prepare yourself to hear the good news or to experience good events in the days to come in case of right eye pain. The pain of today definitely indicates the good moments of tomorrow. So, the spiritual meaning of right eye pain is happiness and prosperity that is about to happen to you.

Unlike the omen of right eye pain, the spiritual meaning of left eye pain is not what you might have expected. It is the symbol of bad things that are going to obstruct your path in any aspect of life.

Pain, sorrow, demotion in the job, illness is likely to happen if you are having mild to moderate eye pain in your left eye without any medical causes.

Medically, What is Broken or Burst Blood Vessels in the Eye?

A red spot seen on the white part of the eye due to burst or broken blood vessels is medically known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. The scary looks of the eye are the result of the breaking of tiny blood vessels underneath the transparent tissue (conjunctiva) on the anterior surface of the eye.

A subconjunctival hemorrhage is a painless and harmless red-eye condition that doesn’t involve cornea and other structures inside of the eye, so you won’t notice any blurry vision.

The redness will subside over time (in 2-3 weeks) as the conjunctiva and other nearby structures can’t absorb the trapped blood in the subconjunctival quickly.


The only obvious and visible symptom of the broken blood vessels in the eye is the red patch on the white part of the eye (sclera). You will notice the red spot only when you see it in the mirror or if other persons notice it in your eye. Otherwise, you won’t have any other symptoms, such as pain, blurry vision, double vision, itchiness, any discharge.

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But if the broken blood vessels in your eye or subconjunctival hemorrhage are accompanied by other infectious and non-infectious eye conditions like conjunctivitis, scleritis, keratitis, among many others, then you will experience other signs and symptoms, as mentioned earlier.

Causes of Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Any stressful activities that increase pressure to the blood vessels in the eye such as powerful coughing and sneezing, vomiting, lifting heavy loads, constipation, strong rubbing of the eye, contact lens and surgeries, injury, infection, and illness like hypertension, and diabetes can cause bursting of blood vessels in the eye.

Risk Factors

The chance of getting subconjunctival hemorrhage increases with age, especially after 50 as the risk of illness such as high blood pressure and diabetes increases. Any blood-clotting disorders are also likely to cause broken blood vessels in the eye.

Similarly, blood-thinning medicines, like warfarin and aspirin are also found to increase the risk of subconjunctival hemorrhage, especially in old age.


The red spot or patch will heal slowly on its own without any treatment. the healing time is directly related to the size of the patch or the amount of blood trapped in the subconjunctival layer: the smaller the area more quickly it will heal.

As there is no way to speed up the healing process of the subconjunctival hemorrhage, wait for a few weeks (2-3 weeks) for complete whitening of the eye. Any associated discomfort can be reduced with the help of over-the-counter lubricating eye drops and the application of ice packs.

If you don’t notice any improvement in the condition of the broken blood vessels in the eye, consult your eye doctor to treat the underlying cause of the condition.

Final Thoughts

Although there is a spiritual meaning of the broken blood vessels in the eye, don’t be careless about the eye condition, as it might be the sign of serious illness of the body such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

It all depends on the individual perception of whether to believe in spiritual meanings of any health-related conditions, but it’s always a good habit to think from a health perspective, as well, in order to effectively treat the condition and to live a healthy life.


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