9 Reasons Why Your Babies Cry Suddenly


All About Reasons Why Babies Cry Suddenly.


Why do babies cry? Babies cry because this is the only way they communicate with their parents. As a new parent, you will feel that all the cries sound the same and ask what your baby really wants.

But over time you will learn to slowly understand the meaning of each of your baby’s cries so that you do not become panic or despair because of crying again.

Rest assured at the same time you will learn that baby’s crying has a different sound, it is not easy to understand it, and it takes time to understand the meaning of your baby’s cry, and it takes patience from a mother and father.

But this is where the happiness of being parents lies and you learn to understand your baby. Don’t forget that even the little one is learning to understand you.

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Reasons Why Babies Cry Suddenly


Crying because of hunger is usually a continuous, regular rhythm, gradually getting louder. Also, check when you last gave food/milk to your baby. If the baby has not been breastfed after 1-2 hours or with formula milk for about 2 hours then your baby may cry because of hunger.

Request Diaper Change

Babies can also feel uncomfortable with their bodies, whether they feel dirty or wet in their diapers and they have not been able to express the discomfort to us so they just cry.

The cry is similar to a hungry cry but you can check when you last gave milk. Some babies don’t cry even though it’s wet or dirty. Parents should check their baby’s diapers regularly, generally after drinking time.

Babies cry due to cold

Newborns feel happy when wrapped in a cloth so that it becomes warm. It is because they are accustomed to the warmth and comfort they had while they were in their mother’s womb. So, when you open your baby’s clothes to be bathed or changed diapers, the baby will cry as a statement of loss of warmth and comfort.

Cries sound like moans. But after you give clothes or blankets the baby will stop crying. Also do not over-wrap or give excessive clothing because the baby can also feel hot.

Ask to be held and hugged

Babies are very happy to see the face of their parents, hear the sound, heartbeat, and smell the mother’s body odor (especially the smell of breast milk).

They love to be hugged after they have been breastfed, bathed, or replaced diapers, and rest assured that your baby will fall asleep in your arms. So, the baby cries to attract your attention.


Some babies who are not used to the new environment will cry when they feel tired. Usually, for babies who have not slept for a while, it will be easier to fuss and will start crying with just a small disturbance.

We can judge if a baby is tired by watching the baby rub his eyes or ears. You can avoid this by always giving a routine time where the baby has time to rest.

Excessive stimulus

Not all babies can adapt easily to their new environment. If the baby is in a new place with lots of new faces, who want to carry him alternately, the baby can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Babies will cry because of excessive stimulation. In situations like this, calm the little one holding and take to a rather quiet place. Also, try to limit the number of people who will hold your baby.


Don’t think babies just cry because they are hungry and wet from diapers. Your baby can also feel bored with the existing routine. Try to bring your baby around with his seat, take him where you go, and participate in your activities.

Babies love to see colors. So, put toys or books with interesting pictures in front of them.

Babies cry due to illness

Crying because your baby is in pain is different from the cry because of hunger. The baby cries loudly, holds his breath briefly due to discomfort, and occasionally cries in a high tone. Believe in your instincts when the baby is crying properly. You can take it to the doctor to be sure.


Colic is marked by more than 3 hours of crying a day, three days a week. It is usually seen during the first month after birth. If the baby cries in pain, the face becomes reddish, the stomach is tense, and if he pulls his legs, clenches his hands, colic may have happened to your baby.

About 1 in 5 babies experience colic but usually ends after the baby is 3 months old. To calm down a baby who has colic is not easy. Try to relieve the pain of the baby by holding and swinging slowly, singing a soft song, and rubbing his back or stomach. If it continues, take it to the doctor as soon as possible

Sleep habits

Usually, a child is able to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own by 6 months of age. But some babies might not go to bed without you. Similarly, the babies might have trouble getting to sleep if they are asleep.

Whatever you do, remember that your baby is crying because this is the only way to communicate. So, don’t make yourself despair – your baby only wants to talk to you through his crying.



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