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Blurry Vision in the Morning: Causes of Blurred Eye

Waking up with a blurry vision in one or both eyes? Should you be worried if you suddenly notice blurry eyes when you get out of bed? Today’s topic is all about Blurry Vision in the Morning: Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment. So, stay connected.

Waking up with blurry vision?

Blurry vision in the morning in one eye or both eyes is commonly seen among people of all ages. In most cases, you need not worry if you are waking up with blurry vision.

But sometimes it indicates eye diseases that cause blindness if the blurry vision in the morning is accompanied by other symptoms of medical emergency like a stroke, concussion, or head injury. 

If that is the case, you should immediately seek medical attention. Today, we will discuss common causes of blurred vision in the morning.


What makes you wake up with blurry vision in the Morning?

1. Dry Eyes

The eye is kept moist and lubricated by the continuous movement of the tear layer with the help of eyelids.

During sleep, the tear is constantly produced but it is not smoothly distributed over the cornea.

So, it is normal to have blurry vision in the morning for a few seconds after you wake up.

Sometimes, the meibomian glands (oil-secreting glands at the eyelid margins) produce too little oil while asleep.

This also contributes to eye irritation and reduced vision.

Certain medicines for allergy, hypertension, cold, and sleeping pills, antihistamines reduce the amount of tear secretion.

If you take any of these medicines before bedtime you may experience blurry vision.

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2. Ocular Allergies

If you are waking up with a blurry vision in one eye or both eyes, eye allergies might be the reason.

Your eyes may become dry, watery, itchy, or swollen, which then could make you wake up with a blurry vision in the morning.

If you are allergic to dust mites, pet dander, and detergent used to wash the bedding, it is possible to have blurry vision along with other symptoms of eye allergy.

3. Sleeping with the ceiling fan on

If you have a habit of sleeping with a fan on, it is not good for your eye health. The movement of air dries out the skin and eyes.

The temperature might help you to have a good night, but this might be the major cause of eye irritation and you might be waking up with blurry vision.

4. sleeping on your face

You could have floppy eyelids if you sleep on your face and have blurry vision when you wake up. The upper eyelids lose elasticity. To avoid this, try to seep on your back.

5. Corneal disorders

Certain corneal disorders like corneal edema and dystrophies become prominent in the comparatively hypoxic environment of the cornea during sleep.

These are characterized by a painless cloudy vision in the morning and vision improves gradually when the cornea gets sufficient oxygen throughout the day.

6. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol causes dehydration of the body, including the eye. There will be a sudden reduction in tear quantity due to dehydration and poor secretion from tear glands due to the effect of alcohol.

So, blurry vision in the morning is common among alcoholics.

7. Sleeping with contact lenses

Sleeping in your contact lenses is a great risk for your eyes. The contact lens lowers the oxygen supply to the cornea which leads to blurry vision along with redness, swelling, and discharge.

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8. Diabetes

There will be fluctuating blurry vision in the morning and throughout the day if you have fluctuation of sugar level in the blood. The vision change is accompanied by dizziness and weakness.


A comprehensive eye exam is necessary to pinpoint the cause of blurry vision in the morning.

Signs and symptoms along with blurred vision guide your eye doctor to rule out the exact cause. Blurry vision, redness, watering, and itching are symptoms of eye allergy.

Visual acuity check, dryness test, and other eye examinations with pupil dilation are done to find out other causes of blurry vision. 

Measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar help to identify the systemic cause of blurry vision.

How to get rid of blurry eyes in the morning?

In most cases, blurry vision in the morning doesn’t require treatment.

But if you wake up with a blurry vision in one eye or both eyes due to the result of medical conditions, treatment depends on the cause.

This condition will improve after treatment of the underlying cause of blurred vision in the morning.

If dry eye is the cause of blurred vision, blinking a few times after waking up can re-moisten the cornea. Similarly, you can use lubricating eye drops to ease the effect of dry eyes.

To get rid of blurry vision in the morning due to floppy eye syndrome, try to sleep on your back or side.

Similarly, remember to remove your contact lenses before sleep in order to minimize the related negative effects on your eyes.

Likewise, if corneal edema causes you to wake up with a blurry vision in the morning, the eye doctor prescribes eye drops to minimize corneal swelling.

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If an allergy is causing reduced vision, use anti-allergic medicines prescribed by your eye doctor.

Check your blood sugar level regularly to get proper treatment for diabetes and to minimize blurry vision.

Similarly, manage to sleep in a place where the direct effect of the ceiling fan on your eyes is minimum.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the time. It is not good to drink alcohol before bedtime if you are constantly having the problem of blurred vision in the morning.

Likewise, plenty amount of sleep (7-8 hours) is necessary to maintain the normal physiology of your body, including the eye.

Do you need to see a doctor if you are waking up with blurry vision in the morning?

It is not necessary to see a doctor if the reduced vision comes to normal after blinking or rubbing your eyes.

But you should visit your eye doctor if there is unexplained, persistent blurry vision throughout the day, along with other vision-threatening conditions and systemic symptoms.

Don’t ignore medical emergency conditions like stroke, and concussion as they also show symptoms of blurry vision in the morning.

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