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Mole on Body Meaning for Female, and Male

Do you know moles on different body parts carry different positive and negative meanings? Continue reading below as we will be talking about the mole on body meaning for female and male, and mole symbolism in common locations on body parts such as the neck, back, chest or breast, stomach, hand, butt, genitals, and legs.

Moles are small, colored birthmarks usually seen on one’s skin. They can be of different shapes and sizes that can be found in various parts of the body like hands, feet, face, back, etc. They add to the overall beauty and personality of the individual.

It is a popular myth that moles are signs of personality, Karma, and actions. Multiple superstitions surround these birthmarks as they often appear when we’re born and accompany us till the demise of this physical body.

According to astrology (a branch of Saamudrik Shashtra), body moles serve a significant purpose in one’s life. Some people believe they are imprints of one’s past life.


Mole on Body Meaning and Symbolism for Female and Male

There are many superstitions surrounding body moles. These moles often bring good luck, tell your future and on top of that, they help to shape the personality of a person.

Let’s dive into the topic to disclose the positive and negative impacts of moles in human life on the basis of their positions on the body of males and females.

Mole on Head Meaning (Female and Male)

The mole on the head can be a sign of good luck or a curse of bad luck. This is because the mole is said to be the place where the soul resides. The meaning of a mole on the head can vary depending on cultural beliefs and superstitions.

Right Side of Head

If you have a mole on the right side of your head, many people often assume that you’re related to being a politician or a business leader. You’re also assured of getting many conversations started in any organization.

A Red or green birthmark on the right side of the head could even be an incredible source of prestige when seen during campaign time.

You will feel confident in your abilities as people notice your leadership skills actively influencing.

Left Side of Head

If the mole on your head is located on the left side, you might be more likely to have problems managing your finances. You’re not as interested in getting married and you’re more inclined towards spiritual endeavors. Literature could be one of your passions too.

Back of Head

If you have a mole on the back of your head, it can make it harder for you to focus fully on your work. It seems like you’re fixated on women. If you’re married, it can make it harder for you to leave your wife and you will maintain a romantic relationship with her. You may also have an innate talent for making money, but in terms of social status, that may be hard to match.


Certain birthmarks on an individual’s face can serve as valuable indicators of their personality. For instance, the Mole on the right side of the forehead may indicate that person is wealthy and potentially famous in society. The mole on the left side of the forehead could theoretically indicate the person is selfish and unkind.

Mole on Neck Meaning

The astrological meaning of neck varies based on the position of moles on different parts of the neck as stated below.


Front of the Neck

Moles are often said to be a sign of good luck, but they can also be a sign of one’s voice type. The voice is the most powerful part of the human body, and people who have a mole on the front area of the neck are said to have soothing voices.

The ancient Greeks believed that a mole on the front of someone’s neck signified that they were lucky. They saw it as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, believing that this type of mole was more common in people from wealthy families.

The mole on the front of someone’s neck is also a sign that they are artistic in nature. These people are often very creative and have a vision for their future, although they do tend to be outspoken about their desires.

Back of the Neck

A mole on the back of one’s neck is a sign of an aggressive temperament. The location of the mole on the back of the neck, as well as other factors such as its appearance and color, can help predict a person’s emotional state.

It is also believed that people who have a mole on the back of their neck are more than likely to indulge in people with anti-social tendencies.

Both Sides of Neck

If you have a mole on either side of the neck, it could affect your personality. It is hard for others to predict your reaction to any subject matter. You are completely unpredictable.

Mole on Chest or Breast Meaning

According to astrology, persons with moles on their chest symbolize their strong sensual behaviors. This is the reason why some people choose to get the mole removed. Get rid of the mole and it will free up an enormous amount of energy, which could be used in other important tasks you may have to do.


Right Chest or Breast of Female and Male

If someone has a mole on their right breast, it may indicate that they have negative habits like consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Moles on a man’s right side of the chest show that he will face financial struggles, including a possible divorce, bankruptcy, or other potential financial difficulties.

Left Chest or Breast of Female and Male

A mole on the left side of the chest usually means someone is a very intelligent person, but it presents them with some issues in regards to keeping healthy relationships with family and friends.

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It’s thought that the mole on the left breast is a sign of sober demeanor and strong family ties. It remains to be seen, though, if this prediction holds up in women’s cases.

Mole on Shoulder Meaning

Women with moles on their shoulders lead a very lavish life filled with luxury. They will be polite and have a philanthropic nature. They will always want to help society and needy people, and they keep looking for powerful partners.

Right Shoulder

The mole or beauty mark on the right shoulder of an individual is considered to be a sign of good fortune and wisdom. It’s believed to indicate the courage and wisdom of the person.

Left Shoulder

People with a mole on their left shoulder are stubborn and get into a lot of fights. They can be difficult to work with and have an opinion on everything.

Mole on Waist Meaning

A mole on the waistline is a sign of high intelligence. In traditional Chinese belief, a mole on the waistline means good luck and great opportunities. The spot is said to be auspicious because it can signify that the person will have a long life and get opportunities to study for a long time.

If a person has a mole on either side of their waist it indicates an abundance of wealth. If this mole is on the left-hand side, then worries will come into that person’s life. A mole on the right-hand side means good fortune.

Mole on Ribs Meaning

A person that has a mole near the right side of their rib may be more likely to lie about things. They have embedded several fears into the way they carry themselves and act.

The slightest emotional outbursts can lead to a significant change in their hobbies and career. Lying is amplified by a fear of rejection, isolation, inadequacy, or fear of success.

A mole on the left side of the ribcage confirms that a person will live an average life.

Mole on Buttock Meaning

The mole on the right side of the buttock has been associated with creativity and wisdom since ancient times. People with such birthmarks are supposed to be artists.

Contrary to the mole on the right butt, a person with a mole on the left buttock will have to live a miserable life.

Mole on Vag Lip of Female and Penis of Male Meaning (Mole on Private Parts or Genitals)

Moles on vag lips or female and penis of the male are a popular way to tell someone is open-minded and generous. This can be seen when they take the time to consider different viewpoints before they make a decision or share their own opinion.

likewise, people with moles on their genitals are romantic and have a happy marriage. They don’t get rich, but they will stay content.

This is because moles in the vag lips of females and the penis of males are known to be more sensitive than other parts of the body such as hands, chest, or feet. They can feel the warmth of their partner’s touch from a mile away.

Mole on Stomach or Abdomen Meaning

Moles are usually present on the abdomen/stomach and can be found anywhere from the navel to the pubic region. A mole on the stomach area is always good for giving people a sense of happiness and well-being.

The person will have a very well-rounded and successful financial background, but there is a tendency to fall in love with women.

This person will show some signs of jealousy, perhaps because they care more about making money the easy way than going through harder work.


Mole on Navel Meaning

There’s the strong astrological belief that moles around the navel of a woman can indicate that she will have a happy marriage and lots of children. A mole near or on the navel is thought to have been given by God to reflect her reproductive ability.

In ancient times, people used to mark their bodies in different ways. One of these was tattooing themselves on the navel side of their body to show how they were going to lead their life. Some would have a mole on the left navel of a man which meant they would live a prosperous life, be wealthy, and have kids who would become famous.

Mole on Flanks Meaning

On the basis of astrology, people with a mole on the right flank of their body may be worried about getting out of their comfort zone or testing limits. This fear may lead to lying and deception in order for them to achieve what they are striving for. People with a mole on the left flank are reliable, honest, and trustworthy.

Mole on Armpit

A mole on the right armpit is a sign that the person has a strong desire for money.

A mole on the left armpit of a man is said to signify a person who is excessively focused on women because it was believed that the devil would make an appearance by shaving off that part of the arm and leaving behind a mole.

Mole on Hip Meaning

People with moles on either hip are often confident and easygoing. The mole on the left hip is seen as more positive than the mole on the right hip.

One mole on the left indicates creativity and wisdom, while many moles have more to do with luck and income. Alternatively, you might see a mole on the right that indicates happiness and affection.

Mole on Hand and Fingers Meaning

People with moles on their right hand are highly skilled and experts in their field. They are trustworthy and effective when handling tasks that require precision and clarity.

If one of your moles is on the left hand, it may mean you have been living an ordinary life despite your ambitions. It could be that you are currently in survival mode or that your ambitions don’t align with reality. Either way, step up and explore new goals.


Mole on Arm

Moles on either the right arm or left arm can mean that the person is good-natured and well-mannered. However, if both arms contain moles, it means they are bad-tempered and quarrelsome.

One mole on your right arm can show that you’re a highly intelligent person with a quick mind who is good at processing information. For example, if you have two moles on your right arm, it means that you’re an analytical thinker and are great at solving problems.

Although you want to live a luxurious life, you have to be satisfied with an average life if you have a mole on your left arm.

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Mole on Elbow

One of the most recognizable symbols in the body is the mole on the elbow. This symbol is typically associated with artists, wealthy people, and travelers.

People who have moles on their right elbow lead a happy and easy life. Their tasks are likely to feel fairly relaxed and they are stronger because of their vision, attention, and determination to work hard.

Women with one or more moles on their right elbow are generally positive, organized, and skilled.

A man who has a mole on his left elbow is very thoughtful and has a lot of affection for those around him.

Mole on Wrist

If you have a mole on your right wrist, it might be because you’re dominant and intelligent. If you have a mole on your left wrist, it’s because you’re loyal to your spouse.

People with moles on any or all of their wrists are known for innovation and creativity. They can also be painters or writers.

Mole on Palm

A mole in the middle of the right palm indicates that the person is popular. They are very loved and appreciated. On the other hand, if there is a mole on the left palm, it reveals that they’re financially well-off and likely have friends and allies.

People with a mole on their inner palms are always ready for a new challenge and are not afraid of what might come in the future.

If you find a mole on the backside of the right-hand palm of any woman, it is likely that she has a higher level of intelligence and is living an incredibly fulfilling life.

The man with a mole on the backside of his right hand is very intelligent and he often becomes a successful businessman.

The man who has a mole on the back of his right hand proves to be very intelligent.

Mole on Fingers

The woman who has a mole on the first finger of her right hand is a valued member of society and will be considered for high-ranking positions in the future. A man who has a mole on the first finger of his right hand is considerate and charming.

If you know a woman has a mole on the first finger of the left hand, she is most interested in having creative thoughts, such as art and music.

According to astrology, if a man has a mole on the middle finger of his left hand, he is more likely to possess a positive personality. If a woman has a mole on the middle finger of the left hand, then they live a very rich life.

Mole on Leg Meaning

If you notice that someone has moles on their legs, it could mean that they’re not thinking before they act and don’t fear the consequences. As a result, they’re often surrounded by lots of controversies and have a negative attitude.


Right Leg

If you have a mole on your right leg then you’re much more likely to be successful. This is because women typically offer support and care for those with such a mark.

Left Leg

People who have a mole on their left leg are often drawn to the travel industry and are typically surrounded by friends that share similar interests.

Mole on Feet

Moles under the foot or on the soles of your feet are usually a sign that you were born under an unlucky star. If you have black dots on your soles, your relationship will end in a divorce. If you have white dots, you’ll live in poverty and if the mole is shaped like a cross, someone close to you will die.

Right Foot

As with any other physical trait, there is no definitive way of telling if someone has a mole on their right foot or not. There are some suggestions that having a mole on the right foot indicates that you are more intelligent and successful in academics than your counterparts for whom this trait does not apply.

Left Foot

If someone has a mole on the left foot, they could be considered to be a little bit odd and in most cases, they tend to stand out. This can make them an individual that is unique, which is something that very few will achieve these days.

Mole on Ankle Meaning

In recent years, anecdotal astrological evidence has suggested that people with a mole on their right ankle are more likely to speak out about things that might happen in the future. Similarly, people with a mole on their left ankle are more inclined towards religion.

Mole on Heels

It is believed that if there is a mole on the right heel of the woman, she spends an incredibly busy and hard life.

A woman with a mole on her left heel is very talkative but somehow manages to achieve success in life. She is able to do this through her ability to be social and friendly, and by not taking herself too seriously.

Mole on the left side of the right heel of a woman is a sign that she is considered very courageous and intelligent. This is probably due to the fact that in many beautiful women, it represents fertility and femininity.

Mole on Knees

If someone is found to have a mole on their right knee they are generally assumed to be in good health and have a large family. They might also be married, living with their spouse, and having children of their own.

Based on astrology, if someone has a mole on the left knee of their body, they usually have the characteristics of being stubborn or happy with the situation.

Mole on Thigh Meaning


Right Thigh

If someone has a mole on their right thigh, it typically means they have an average temperament with a feeling of fearlessness.

It is also supposed that people with a mole on their right thigh are more likely to fly to other countries than those who have a mole on their left thigh.

Left Thigh

There are several different things that you can learn from the mole on your left thigh. It shows that there’s a little bit of ‘skeptic’ in you, and for some people, this might not be ideal when it comes to making friends and being outgoing.

Most people with moles on the left thigh are likely to be artistically inclined. This is because the left side of the body is believed to be more creative and artistic in nature.

Additionally, people with a mole on their left thigh are also typically more introverted and less aggressive than those with a mole on their right thigh.

Mole on Calf Meaning

A mole on someone’s right calf might be pointing out that they will be successful and will have a greater chance of attracting a partner. It can also point to an interest in politics or a career related to girls and fashion.

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The mole on your left calf indicates you are a hard worker and also may have to travel for work. You should remember that as people grow in their circles of friends, they do increase in thickness.

Mole on Toes Meaning

One or more moles on the toes is a common sign that the marriage will be unhappy even if the potential partner is financially sound.

Mole on Back Meaning

People with a mole on the right side of their back are likely to be healthier and more courageous. This can often be a black or brown mole. If you do have red spots, then you are more likely to be sensitive.

Moles on the left side of the back are a good indicator to approach someone with diplomacy. People who have moles on their left-back are more likely to trust others, which can help them meet their goals.

A mole near the backbone is a sign of success, leadership, and fame throughout your life. This is what makes this birthmark so popular and important. There are many different ways to interpret this sign in relation to your life such as: having an important job, being in an influential position, achieving greatness, and so on.

A mole below the shoulder blades may mean that you will struggle a lot in life. However, it is not something that cannot be overcome or fixed with time and effort.

How long has it been since you had the courage to fight obstacles in your work? Let’s get some of that back.

The mole above the shoulder blades on your back is a symbol of courage and strength. This is the most commonplace for these moles to appear, and they are often the sign of a courageous person who will fight obstacles, tackle them, and never give up fighting.

A mole on the back near the right shoulder is a tell-tale sign that there’s good and flourishing health. There are many different theories as to why a mole on the right shoulder means good health. Moles are signs of beauty, fertility, prosperity, and many more.

Similarly, for a mole to be on the left means really being diplomatic and resolving cases through it.


Moles on Back Show Our Past Life

In the same way, if there is a mole on your back, this can also predict your past life. But it should be kept in mind that the prediction done regarding the past life by moles should not be taken very seriously since it may not have any significant meaning at all because it’s hard to believe that someone’s soul gets transferred into another body after death.

However, if you want to listen to this, then go ahead and listen to it because you never know if this could become beneficial for your life in some way.

As a common saying, people with moles on their backs weren’t lucky because they were killed at some point of time during the ancient war period.

This is also related to our past life since it’s a kind of memory which has been brought from the previous generation into this generation.

So yes, if someone has a mole on his/her back, then he/she should be very careful about his/her own safety as well as family. In other words, such people are advised to keep themselves away from all kinds of danger; otherwise, they might end up losing their lives just like what happened in their past life.

What’s the Importance of Mole on the Body Parts?

The moles on different parts of your body are very important, and it denotes your future, according to the Indian culture. The moles show how you are going to be as a person by examining the mole’s position and shape.

Does it tell what profession or work will suit you best? There is also a study that says that the moles have a connection with our past life.

According to an astrologer, if you have been killed in your previous life, then a mole will appear on your body in this birth exactly at that place where you were shot or wounded because it is connected with your past life too.

Should We Believe in Moles on Body Meaning?

Whether you should believe in moles or not is a big question. Unfortunately, there are many people who have done all kinds of treatments just because of moles. It’s only the ignorance that leads them to do so.

The fact is that they can tell your future but cannot change anything about it since everything is written in our fate.

This is the reason why we keep our viewpoint limited to saying that if something good is told about the mole, then go ahead and pierce it with the needle as per rules; otherwise, try avoiding the changes by remaining away from these types of useless things done for changing your life which will not make any kind of difference.

Can Moles on Body Tell the Truth About Your Life?

Moles are generally considered a symbol of bad luck, but according to Indian culture, moles can also tell the truth about your life. The shape and size of the mole say something, even though it may not be very accurate all the time.

For example, you may have a mole on your face; if this exists in a specific place, then it can denote that your long-lost sister or brother will reenter your family soon. If there is a mole between two eyebrows, this predicts serious sickness in the near future for you or someone from your family.

It is also believed that people with such moles should try their level best to avoid any kind of problems by saying prayers regularly and frequently since they would suffer from some problem or another.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Some people think that it is a very bad thing while others argue that only because of the problems they face in life, do they get an opportunity to become stronger and develop patience. This could be beneficial for them in the future as well.


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