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Birthmark Shape Meanings & Birthmark Color Meanings

Do different birthmark shapes and colors carry specific meanings? What do these birthmark shapes and colors tell about your personality, and characters? Continue reading below to know about different birthmark shape meanings and birthmark color meanings.


Birthmarks are a kind of skin lesion that is present at birth. They are the result of some injury or trauma to the skin that occurred before or during birth.

A birthmark can be classified as a vascular lesion, which is caused by an abnormal buildup of blood vessels under the skin. This type of lesion can also be caused by an accumulation of lymphatic fluid under the skin.

Birthmarks come in various shapes and sizes and their meaning varies from person to person depending on their location, size, shape, and color.

Some common types of birthmarks include Strawberry hemangioma, Port wine stain (nevus flammeus), Café au lait spot (melanocytic nevus), Mongolian spot (congenital melanocytic nevus).

Likewise, brown, red, blue, and white birthmark colors are commonly seen while other colors and very rare.

Different Birthmark Shape Meanings & Color Meanings

Different Birthmark Shapes and Their Meanings

There are many different shapes of birthmarks and they have different meanings. The most common shape is a round or oval shape that is found on the face, neck, arms, or legs. They can range in color from light brown to dark brown.

Other unusual shapes of birthmarks include star-shaped birthmarks and butterfly-shaped birthmarks.

The spiritual meaning of a birthmark often depends on the shape of the mark. However, there are some general interpretations to consider, such as a birthmark symbolizing the connection with one’s inner-self.

Star Shaped Birthmarks

One of the most mysterious birthmark shapes is the star-shaped one. They come in various colors such as blue, red, and white.

Star-shaped birthmarks can be on any part of the body, but they are most commonly located on the face. They might also appear on the shoulder or upper arm.

Some people believe that they represent the sun, moon, and stars. People who have these kinds of marks are said to be good at art and music but may have bad luck when it comes to love.

Star birthmarks also symbolize inner beauty and a kind heart. If you have one, you will most likely become famous in some way or another for helping others. At the same time, you can be very sensitive, so keep your feelings under control!

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Butterfly Birthmark Shape Meanings

Another type of unusual birthmark shape is the butterfly-shaped one. This shape can be found anywhere on the body including hands, feet, abdomen, or butt. It usually has more than one color such as yellow with black dots or orange with black lines.

Some people believe that if you have this kind of mark then you will always find happiness because butterflies symbolize joy and happiness for most cultures around the world.

Heart-Shaped Birthmarks

The meaning of a heart-shaped birthmark is a somewhat debated topic. Some believe that it symbolizes love and devotion, while others believe that it indicates a person’s ability to have deep feelings. Others still say that the mark is indicative of being lucky or blessed.

Strawberry Birthmarks

The strawberry mark is usually found on the arm, shoulder, or chest. It is also known as an angel’s kiss.

The strawberry mark is a common birthmark that often appears in a child’s early weeks. The strawberry mark is a flat, pink, or reddish-colored spot that has no pigment. It is caused by the accumulation of blood in the skin from an injury or from rubbing.

The Fleur de Lis Marks

The fleur de lis mark can be found on the face near the nose or mouth, or on the forearm. It means that you have a strong sense of justice and are very intuitive.

Angulated Birthmark Shape Meanings

Angled moles can be indicative of some personality traits. They may even signify that the person has more than one personality at a time.

Straight Birthmark Shape Meanings

A mole with a straight or oblong shape means that the person will have a prosperous mathematical future. They will acquire quite some amount of wealth in their life.

Circular or Oval Birthmarks

Oval birthmarks are supposed to be the best type of birthmark. They bring harmony, joy, and success in love. They may also guarantee good health and long life.

It is said that if your baby has a round-shaped birthmark on their head, then they are most likely going to have leadership skills.

A circular or oval birthmark could be an angel kiss or a stork bite, which are types of vascular birthmarks.

Ring Birthmarks

A ring-shaped birthmark could carry the same meaning as a circular mark. It is supposed that the ring-shaped birthmark also symbolizes success, joy, and love in life.

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Different Birthmark Colors and Their Meanings

There are many different colors of birthmarks and they have different meanings. The common colors of birthmarks are white, brown, blue, and red. They can range from light to dark colors.

Brown Birthmark Meanings

A nevus is a type of brown birthmark that is present at birth and results from an increased number of melanocyte cells (the pigment-producing cells in the skin). They can be classified into two main types: congenital nevi and acquired nevi.

Most moles present at birth, particularly the small ones, have a very small risk of turning into melanoma.

Some believe brown birthmarks indicate that a person is gifted or cursed with a strong personality or prophesize future events for that person.

Red Birthmarks and Their Meanings

Some people have benign red birthmarks, which are created by blood vessels close to the skin surface. They can develop from before or shortly after birth.

There are two main categories of birthmarks:

  • Red birthmarks are made up of blood vessels close to the skin surface. And they’re called vascular birthmarks.
  • Pigmented birthmarks are areas where the color isn’t the same as the surrounding skin.

Hemangiomas are a common type of vascular or red birthmark; one that we’re not sure about the cause. They’re caused by an increase in vessel growth and the color is made by blood poking through vessels.

White Birthmarks and Their Meanings

While white birthmarks are less prominent than their red counterparts, they can still make an appearance. They will typically appear as white spots with a raised or flat pattern on the surface of the skin.

Though most white birthmarks are harmless, they can sometimes cause the affected area to lose all pigment. If that happens, then surgical removal might be necessary.

A white birthmark means that you’re more likely to be calm and mild-tempered, while a black or red mark means

Blue Birthmark Color Meanings

Dermal melanocytosis is the name for a specific kind of blue birthmark. They are flat, blue, or brownish-gray in color and usually appear at birth or in the first few weeks of life. Dermal melanocytosis used to be called “Mongolian blue spots”.

Blue birthmarks are rare and can be helpful in the diagnosis of some diseases. These birthmarks are often small, round, flat, or slightly raised. Medical research has suggested that blue birthmarks may be a sign of a problem with the function of the heart or lungs.

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Reasons for the Birthmarks in Body

There are a lot of different reasons that a person might end up with a birthmark. Some people have been born with one from when their mother was pregnant.

It’s also possible for someone to have been born without one, but when they get older, the birthmark starts to show up.

People come up with all sorts of beliefs about birthmarks with no logical reasoning. Birthmarks’ spiritual meanings have been believed by the people for centuries.

Contrary to our common beliefs and myths, science explains them as just pigmentation on the skin with no meaning behind them whatsoever.

Birthmarks come in different colors and shapes and can vary depending on the type of skin anomaly that caused them to form. They won’t harm you, but they also may not do anything to appease you.

While learning about pigmentation shouldn’t lead to any worries, it’s important to note that this is something you are born with. With that in mind, there are cases where pigment-related problems might arise.

However, if you’re feeling worried about anything, feel free to discuss it with a dermatologist and get their opinions. This will help you feel clear-headed about the decision.


The shapes of birthmarks, like the shapes of trees, can be as unique as a fingerprint. Beyond their appearance, they can be classified by the depth and location of the body.

Different cultures read different meanings into these marks and it is important to understand your personal beliefs before interpreting them for yourself.

Birthmarks are more than just a blemish on the skin, they can tell stories about where we come from and who we are. They’re not just skin deep. They’re shaped by the environment in which we grew up, our genetic history, and even our culture.


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