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Breast Itching Superstition Meaning, Spiritual Omen (Right & Left)

What does it mean when your chest or breast itches? Is there any difference in spiritual meaning or superstition for right breast itching and left breast itching? Today’s topic is all about chest, nipple, or breast itching superstition meaning and spiritual omen. Stay connected.


Itchy sensation in the skin of the breast or elsewhere is also known as pruritus. Just like an itchy sensation in other parts of the body, an itchy left or right breast or nipple is also supposed to carry spiritual meanings, superstitions, or omen (good or bad).

We know all of you are interested to know what the itchy breast has to tell you about your days from the superstitious or a spiritual point of view.

To make you clear regarding the topic, we will be discussing some funny, interesting, and amazing superstition meanings of itching in the breast.

Before jumping into the itchy left or right breast meaning, let’s get started from ‘superstition’.

About Superstition

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines superstition as “a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation”.

According to the report of Statista Research Department (2019), 11-27% of Americans believe in some kind of superstition.

Spiritual meanings, superstitions, and myths have interwoven in every culture, tradition, and have become one of the important aspects of human civilization.

Itchy breast or nipple is supposed to have different meanings on the basis of which side is itching. The superstition meanings also vary based on which time you are scratching your breast.

For instance, an itchy breast in the evening means your wish will be fulfilled very soon. Good luck and success are waiting for you.

On the contrary, the breast itching sensation in the morning is the harbinger of change in weather, such as rainfall.


Both Breast Itching Superstition Meaning

Indication of Change in Weather

The most common superstition of nipple or breast itching is that it is the symbolism of change in weather.

Many people believe that the rain will come when you have either right or left breast itching in the morning.

People of some communities argue that there should be itching in the nipple, not other parts of the breast, in the morning to have rainfall very soon.

Your ex wants you back in his life

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You might have separated from your loved one due to any reason. If you have an itchy breast, it is supposed to be the sign that the person who was once special in your life wants you back, and be a part of his life again.

This itchy breast superstition signals that you should rethink your past relationship, and you can give it a try to re-establish the relationship if you find it meaningful.

Spread of Rumors

If the breast itches from time to time, it is an omen of rumor; either you are spreading the rumor, or you are the victim of the baseless stories.

Be careful while passing information about anything to other people.

You will meet your old friend

Sooner or later, you will meet your old friend who is staying away from you for a long time. People in some parts of the world believe in this superstition of the itching breast.

Conflict with the relatives

The itching breast sometimes hints about the possible conflict and misunderstanding between you and your relatives, especially the old relatives.

You need to be careful while talking to your relatives to set aside a possible quarrelsome situation.

Active sexual life

Itchy breast or nipple tells a lot about your sexual life. According to some believers of a certain culture, breast itching is a parameter to tell how active you are, sexually.

You thinking about a brunette if you have left breast itching while scratching the right breast means you are definitely thinking of the blonde person.

They have a superstition that tells the more you involve in sexual activities, the higher the chance you will have itchy breasts, but not in an irritating way.

What a busy life!

If your both breasts are itching, it is an omen of your busy life. It’s really hard for you to manage even a few minutes for rest and other activities.

Try to get some rest for the sake of your health while maintaining your busy life.

Someone is thinking about you in a good way

There are certain groups of people who believe in the superstition that tells how other persons are thinking about you.

Itchy breast is a sign that someone is thinking about you in a positive way. That someone might be the person you might have helped recently or someone who is in love with you.

Wrong decision of your partner

Another popular breast itching superstition meaning is that the itchy sensation in the breast or nipple is a sign that your partner has recently made a wrong decision in life; decision-related to job, career, business, or any other aspects of life.

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To overcome the possible negative consequences of the wrong decision, talk to your partner before he makes any life-changing decisions.

Right Breast Itching Superstition Meaning

Prediction of future events

Old people still believe that the right breast or nipple itching is the harbinger of future events. According to them, the change will happen in the life of people that will have an everlasting effect.

Upcoming sexual relationship

The itchy right nipple is supposed to signal your involvement in sex very soon, most probably tonight. Nipple itching is giving you the hint to get prepared to prove yourself lucky tonight.

Someone is jealous of you

In some cultures, people believe in a myth that the right breast itches when someone is jealous of your success.

They might be thinking of dragging you down because they don’t want you to be happy, and successful.

Left Breast Itching Superstition Meaning

Increase in income

Some people believe that left breast itching is a sign of a new source of income that you will explore in the near future. This might be an increase in salary, income from lottery, or any other sources.

Hope for a positive change in life

If you are going through difficulties these days, the left breast itching superstition is that you keep hope for a positive change in life.

After darkness comes the bright light of the day. Itchy left breast or nipple reminds you to stay positive in every hard time.

Your husband wants to be with you

The husband of a married woman might have gone far from her for a job, study, business, or for any reason.

The left breast or nipple itching of a married woman is a sign that her husband wants to be with her. He is looking forward to seeing her and staying with her.

What Does it Mean When Your Nipple Itch (Myth)?

Someone is thinking of you in a sexual way

This is one of the most awkward superstition meanings of the itchy nipples. According to the believers of this superstition, your nipple itches if someone thinks about you while playing with themselves (mas*turbating).

According to them, if you have an itchy left nipple, the attractive guy is thinking about you, and the right nipple itchy means the person who is imagining about you while playing with himself is not so attractive.

You will make love tonight

The itchy right nipple is supposed to signal your involvement in sex very soon, most probably tonight. Nipple itching is giving you the hint to get prepared to prove yourself lucky tonight.

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You are a sensitive person

If someone has hurt your emotion recently, you will have an itchy nipple according to the superstition of some cultures. It also symbolizes your sensitive nature.

You get hurt easily if someone talks negatively about you. So, try to be strong emotionally.

No ups and downs in life

Are you going through the mundane life without any ups and downs? Do you think you are lacking excitement in life?

An itchy nipple is an indicator of your monotonous life.

Get some fresh air and plan to work for bringing new changes in any possible areas of your everyday life.

What Cause Left or Right Breast Itching?

Superstition aside, there are several causes of breast or nipple itching ranging from mild skin irritation by allergens to life-threatening conditions such as breast cancer.

Among other causes of eczema or itchy breast, atopic dermatitis is the most common one.

The signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis include dry skin, rash, and itching in the breast area.

Apart from atopic dermatitis, numerous factors such as chemicals present in perfume, soap, shampoo, cleaners, and cloth fibers also might cause nipple or breast itching.

Skin stretching because of enlarged bo*bs during pregnancy is another major cause of breast and nipple itching in pregnant women.

You should seek medical assistance if the itchy right or left breast is accompanied by pain, tenderness, swelling, discharge from the nipple, and skin changes.

Final Thought on Right or Left Nipple or Breast Itching Superstition Meaning, & Spiritual Omen

In spite of not having sufficient scientific evidence to support the myth, belief, or superstition related to itchy breasts, they are interwoven in our society for hundreds of years from the very beginning of human civilization.

While some people find this topic annoying, useless, or funny, others think such beliefs as the important ways of getting aware of the situations in life.

It’s all up to you whether to take breast-itching superstition as just an old wives’ tale. or to take the message as an important guide to make decisions in every step of life.

But being careful about the incidences that might encounter in life is always a good practice, whether you get the hint from life experience or superstition.


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