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Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them? Answered

Are dead souls able to see us, remember us, and miss us? Do the dead know we miss and love them? Do they remember the time they were living? These questions have always had their own answers from different people from different parts of the world.

Let’s check out some interesting myths and facts on whether or not the dead people know we miss and love them.


Losing someone you love is never easy—it’s hard to imagine how death could be anything but a tragedy.

Death leaves us all with many questions. Do the dead know we miss and love them? Do they see our tears fall like rain before us? Do they know when we speak their names aloud?

As Robert Frost famously stated, “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.” Many cultures believe that death can come either by freezing or burning. There are even cases where people simultaneously experience both.

We are always thinking about our dead relatives, writing about them, talking about them. But what if they know we miss and love them?

If the dead are able to know what is happening to their loved ones, they would be so grateful if you could send them little messages in this respect.

Often, people visit spiritual mediums to know how their demised loved ones are doing in the afterlife, and whether or not they know we miss and love them.

As the question is much more related to spirituality and intuition of the dead in the afterlife, we will try to get the answer with the help of common beliefs, medium practices, and religious words.

Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them? Do They Remember and Miss Us?

What are We Taught About Life After Death?

We are not taught the truth about death when we are young. Our perspective of death is limited to what we learn through religious teachings in school and at home.

We grow up believing that the dead go away and don’t come back because they have drowned in the sea of darkness.

Death is regarded as the endpoint of life, an abyss that once you fall into it, you can never get back out from it.

But death is not the end of life, it is just the end of one phase, and starting point of another phase, the afterlife.

Our dead relatives are watching us from the afterlife, sensing our feelings for them, and guiding us through several means of communication, such as dreams, whispers, unusual smells, among many others.

Let’s take references to the common religious explanation on how the dead knows we love and miss them.

Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them: Religious Explanation

The belief that the dead can communicate with the living is a widely held superstition.

The idea of a spirit or soul that survives physical death and can return visits to the living is common in many cultures, and is found in many religions, including the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, but also in Hinduism.

There are some similarities between these beliefs. In all cases, it is believed that the dead want to be remembered and loved by their family and friends and that they often take an interest in how their survivors are doing.

Christians (Bible) Explanation on How Dead Knows We Love and Miss Them

The Bible has a lot to say about death and the afterlife, but it doesn’t answer every question.

A few passages do deal with this issue, however, and give us some insight into what happens when people die.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the Bible describes death as “sleep” (Psalm 13:3; Psalm 13:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-15).

The Bible gives us several examples where it addresses this issue (“Do the dead know that we miss and love them?”), but with little spiritual insight.

The first answer is that the dead do not know anything about us or what happens in our lives.

The second answer is that even though the dead are in heaven, they are still aware of what happens to us on earth, including how much we miss them and love them.

This seems to be a difficult conundrum, but after examining the biblical evidence, it will become clear which answer is more likely.

The first one is based on the idea that what we do here on earth is all that really matters, and so neither the living nor the dead can miss each other since they will never meet again anyway.

The second one is based on the Christian belief that in heaven, people have perfect knowledge of everything that happens on earth, and because they love us they feel our sadness and wish they could be with us again.

What Judaism Tells us about whether or not the dead know we miss and love them?

Jewish views of the afterlife are quite varied and all depend on the belief in the resurrection of the dead.

According to their tradition, when a soul leaves its body, it retains a tenuous relationship with the physical world. It can see and hear what goes on around it, though not as clearly or distinctly as when it was alive.

The departed soul can also sense whether or not those who mourn for it have moved on with their lives.

If their mourning is genuine, the soul feels comforted and happy; if their grief is less than sincere, the soul becomes sad and despondent.

So, the explanation clearly answers the question “Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them? Do They Remember and Miss Us?”

Hinduism Views on “Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them”

Hindus believe that death is as much a part of life as living. The dead are not gone, they are merely changed. This is why the follower of Hinduism honor and worship their ancestors.

The Hindu religion believes that after death, a person’s soul (atman) leaves the physical body and journeys to the world of the ancestors (pitru-loka), where it remains until it is reborn again into this world.

The dead are not gone permanently. They still exist and can influence the fortunes of their loved ones from beyond the grave.

In fact, Hinduism teaches that the spirits of dead people may linger for as much as a year before departing to other worlds.

Taps or water poured into a bowl, is often performed for one day after death to allow any lingering spirits to depart to their next destination. This practice is known as “last rites.”

Yes, Hindus believe that the dead know we miss and love them.

Spiritual Explanation on Whether or Not the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them

By their very nature, spirits are beings of pure energy. In life, this energy was focused on physical form to give it a voice to communicate with others on earth.

But death changed all that. The spirit is still a being of pure energy but this energy is no longer focused on the physical form so it has no mouth or eyes to use to talk with us or see us.

It’s a little like us looking at someone through the window of a house: we can hear what they are saying, but we can’t see their face or body. It’s only their voice that comes through to us.

The only form of energy the dead can use to communicate with the people on the earth is a vibration. It is interesting to know that the dead can’t communicate with us alone, the relatives should try to connect with them.

When the vibration of feelings such as love, the emotion of the physical body resonates with the vibration energy of the spirit, then communication is established.

Some people believe that the more you love and miss them, the more effort the spirit will apply to be in touch with you through vibrational energy.

Do Our Loved Ones in Heaven Remember Us and Miss Us?

Love itself is always eternal, not just a temporary feeling or emotion. Love among family members, relatives, and friends not only makes our lives colorful on this earth, but it will also continue even after death.

The departed souls remember every detail of their past lives, continue to love their favorite persons and things on the earth. They will remember and miss the moments they had fun with their family members, friends, and relative.

Followers of every religion accepts the fact that the soul of a deceased person is guided to heaven by the Angels. And the Angels are those spirits or souls of the relatives or closed-friends who have already died.

If our loved ones in heaven do not remember us and miss us when we are alive, then how is it possible to be guided by them after death?

We can take a reference from the rituals performed by the Hindus on the basis of religious scriptures Vedas, Upanishad, and Puranas to explain whether or not our loved ones in heaven remember us and miss us.

Hindu followers perform after-death rituals to assist their demised parents to reach heaven safely. It is believed that the rituals performed on the earth and the food that is offered by their sons will help to cross the difficult paths and pacify the hunger of the soul of their parents in the continuous long journey to heaven.

When the dead ones can receive offerings from their relatives on the earth, it is clear without any doubt that the loved ones in heaven not only remember and miss their relatives on earth they also know that their relatives miss and love them.

The Bible also speaks about how the dead ones remember and miss their relatives. According to Revelation 6:10 in the Bible, John sees a scene of heaven wherein the martyred saints were explaining about those who caused them to be “slain”. They also ask for vengeance on those responsible for the moment.

Likewise, Abraham called upon the rich man in hell to “remember” Lazarus (Luke 16:25). In hell, the people are suffered from the memories of the people they knew during life.

When the Loved Ones Die, do They Visit You?

As we all know that human beings are religious creatures. They believe in God and they believe in the afterlife.

The Hindus believe in reincarnation, the Buddhists believe that we have many lives, but all over the world, most people believe that there is some kind of life after death. This belief makes them very concerned about the dead relatives.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that when the relatives die, they will come to help us and they are called ‘Tibetan people’. They visit their relatives and try to help them with their problems.

But there are some signs which tell us if our beloved ones are around us or not. When your loved ones die, you can see these signs.

  • You can see a reflection of your loved one in a mirror or any other place or you can see them in your dream
  • You may hear their voice or you may smell something that reminds you of your loved one
  • You may feel like someone is touching you or you suddenly feel like someone is sitting beside you
  • You may hear things that sound like voices talking about your loved one
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and smell something that reminds you of your loved one

Truly, it is very hard to believe our loved ones are with us after they die. The only thing we have left of them is their pictures, clothes, and other items they left with us.

Sometimes we feel that someone is in a room when we enter, although nobody is there. We may feel their presence while entering a certain place where they have been living or working at.

This can only mean one thing – those who have died and left us behind, still care about us and want to be with us.

This doesn’t mean that all of those who have passed away are watching over us, but it does happen quite often.

There are some who want to be present for you because they want you to know that they are okay in an afterlife, or just simply because they miss you dearly.

They might be trying to tell you something important and provide some help from the other side of life.

How Dead People Communicate With People on Earth

What are the means by which a dead one communicates with people on earth? Is it possible? How can they do that?

It is a common phenomenon for people to report that they sense their loved ones are around them after they have died.

There are many reasons for this including the fact that their loved ones may be trying to communicate in some way, either with signs in a dream or through external means such as an Ouija board or automatic writing.

The most commonly reported experience is the visit of the deceased in dreams. It is said that after a person dies they appear to their relatives and friends in dreams. This may be considered as evidence that death is not final.

There are different theories about how dreams can be caused by spirits visiting us. One theory states that in sleep our body releases certain chemicals which make it easier for us to remember dreams and see images of things we have never experienced during our lives.

When dead people wish to tell us something, they can use these chemicals to send us visions or dreams of what they want to tell us.

Another theory states that when dead people see some events on earth happening which will affect us, they appear in our dreams so we could prepare better for these events or find ways of avoiding them.

For example, if you dream about an accident, you might prepare yourself better for it or change your route so you would not get hurt if it happens in reality.

Another way that people tend to think about when it comes to spirit communication is the Ouija board.

People have been using Ouija boards for hundreds of years trying to gain a better understanding of the world they live in and the beings that exist in it.

It has been reported that over 90% of people who use an Ouija board have had something positive come from their interaction with one. While most people would agree that using an Ouija board is more likely to bring you into contact with an evil entity than it is with a dead loved one, some believe that these boards can be used for benevolent purposes. It all depends on how you use them and what your intentions are when working with them.

Other common means that are supposed to be used by the dead ones to communicate with their loved ones on the earth are coins, aromas, windchimes, feathers, stones, symbols, numbers, birds, photos, electricity, songs, messengers, among many others.

What does Science Say about whether or not the dead knows we miss and love them?

Scientific research has shown that our brains are responsible for much of what we “see” and “sense” when we think about the dead. Specifically, these experiences are generated by changes in our brain chemistry and electrical activity.

This doesn’t mean that the experiences don’t feel real — they do. The question is whether or not these experiences reflect reality. In this case, they don’t.

Research has also shown that when we think about the dead, our thoughts change how we see the world around us in subtle ways. For example, thinking about a deceased loved one can cause us to focus more on facial features and expressions — even when we’re just looking at pictures of strangers!

These changes in perception may be responsible for some of the other feelings people have when they think about their loved ones — such as sensing their presence nearby or feeling less alone after a loved one dies.


No, we can’t call the dead back to life. No, they cannot hear us, see us or touch us. No, our words will not console them.

However, YES, I believe that they do know how we feel about them and how much we miss them and how much we love them.

Though they may never come back to this world again and comfort us in a warm hug or kiss a boo-boo away or tell our children or grandchildren, “I love you”……we can still say “I love you” to the dead knowing all of them will understand and will be in peace.

Our departed loved ones are more than capable of guiding us from beyond the veil, we just need to develop our abilities to connect with them.

The realization that your loved ones in the spirit realm are still with you, even though physical separation has occurred, can bring you comfort. This realization can bring hope that your love for one another is everlasting.


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