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Best Glasses for Oval Face Shape: Frame for Male & Female

If you are looking for the best guide to choosing sunglass frames and glasses for oval face shape you are at the right place. Read on before deciding to go for the perfect pair of glasses for your ideal face shape.

Every face shape has its own angles and lines. If you wear eyeglasses, the goal is to find a pair that matches well with your facial features. While picking out the right fit and style is important, it’s also essential to ensure that you find a frame that works well with your face shape.

Among different face shapes, oval is a common shape that is considered to be ideal. If you have an oval face shape, you may consider yourself lucky. This face shape balances out different facial features, giving you the ability to wear almost any style of eyeglasses frames with relative ease!

Oval-shaped faces go well with any spectacle frames, so it’s not difficult to find the right pair. Most frames look great on almost everyone with an oval face. 

Is there anything more important than finding the best glasses for your face? As long as it’s a little wider than your own face, you should be able to wear any pair.

How to know I have oval Face?

If you have the following facial features, you own an oval-shaped face. 

  • longer than it is wide
  • softly curved jawline
  • broadly spaced high cheekbones 
  • forehead is slightly wider than the chin

Most people don’t have a perfect match to one face shape. They possess facial features which combine different types of face shapes.

The easiest trick to identify your face shape is to compare the most prominent facial features with the description given in our articles. The important facial features to consider while making comparisons are the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw.


Most Popular and Best Glasses for Oval Face (Female and Male)

 People with oval faces have evenly proportioned facial features that give them more options for their glass frames. They can experiment with frames, which allows them to be as adventurous as they want without the worry of being wrong or out of style. With that being said, oval faces can look great with square and rectangular frames.

Numerous people opt out of frames that are angular, symmetrical, or contain sweeping lines. They often choose frames with round or deep-colored outlines that help their rounded facial features balance.

These are the four most popular frame shapes for oval faces.

Round Glasses

Round glasses look great on oval faces, as long as they’re not too small or too big. Round-shaped eyeglasses are a cool style that’s both playful and sophisticated. And with the help of round frames, they can walk the line between the two looks. Wayfarer and wraparounds are great options for those with oval faces.

Glasses that are of a different shape make your face more distinctive and seem more ‘you’. So if you have an oval-shaped face, take advantage of it!


Rectangular or Square Eyeglass Frame

Many people with oval faces are looking for frames that match their face shapes and enhance the look. There are a number of popular frame shapes but one of the most popular is square. It helps offset the roundness of your face with sharp angles, adding contrast and a bold look to your overall face.

Square and rectangular frames are the best choices for anyone who has a long face. They go with nearly any outfit due to their versatility. A rectangular or square frame is ideal to add professional looks to an oval face.



The aviator shape has been around for a long time and is now popular in sunglasses and glasses. Due to its wider shape, it will make your face look shorter which gives a good balance of oval facial features.

The aviator frames are wider around your eyes. They’re perfect for those looking to add some flare to a casual outfit.


Cat-Eye Glasses

This style is perfect for women with long faces, as it creates a flattering vibe and accentuates their cheekbones. They also complement varying facial features, making them a popular choice among women. These frames are great for both casual and professional looks, as they can go with just about any style of clothing and complement your face shape well.


Wayfarer Frames

Wayfarers are a bold classic look that will compliment your features. An excellent vintage style example of this would be the Michael Caine character in the movie “The Right Way” from 1965.


Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape

You can go with any shape of a sunglass frame if you have an oval face. For oval faces, the best sunglass frames are square or rectangular, aviators, cat-eye, and wayfarers.

  • Round Sunglass Frame
  • Square or Rectangular
  • Cat-Eye
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarers


If you have an oval-shaped face, there are many different options available to try. Finding frames that you like is just a matter of experimenting with shapes and styles.

While there is a great range, if you have an oval face, be careful about ordering frames too large. Trying on glasses with the intention of filling out your face is not always a good idea because certain frames can fit better than others.

Oval faces may look attractive with any eyeglass frames, but sometimes a pair of oversized glasses can throw the balance off and give the face an unappealing appearance.

Keep in mind your pupillary distance and temple width when choosing between a small, medium, or large frame size.

To find the right pair of glasses for oval face shape, you should strongly consider seeing an eye doctor get your prescription, and then order a frame.

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