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Vata, Pitta & Kapha Dosha Remedies

Vata, Kapha, and Pitta dosha remedies are crucial for balancing the overall health of the human body. Today, you will learn about these doshas balancing measures in detail. Let’s get started.


Vata Dosha Remedies

The Vata Dosha body type can be summed up by thinking small, light, and streamlined. Most Vata types have little to no excess fat and can find the cold weather annoying. The “Skinny Minny” phrase would probably apply to this type.

Because of a tendency toward poor blood circulation, their feet and hands are often cold. The Vata skin tends toward roughness. Their appetite is hit and miss with weak digestive systems. Frequent constipation is prevalent with this body type.

Do you know people that are always in a hurry and tend to sprint instead of walk normally? They have some Vata going on, more than likely. These are the folks that love doing things and all the time.

The sleeping habits of a Vata dosha are that of less sleep and awaking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, full of energy. Their sleep can be light and interrupted and they can also find it hard to go to sleep, but they come out of the gate running.

Vatas can be very loving folks, but sometimes this is fueled by fear. Fear of abandonment and being lonely can be the drivers. Being insecure, anxious, and nervous comes with this dosha.

Vata Individual Characteristics

Here are some of the primary attributes of the Vata dosha individual and how they manifest in regard to behavioral, physical, and mental aspects of the dosha.

Vata Balancing Guide

  • Make meals with warm foods and spices
  • Maintain a routine that is regular
  • Try to avoid bitter cold temperatures
  • Stay away from raw foods
  • Abstain from cold foods
  • Stay warm
  • Maintain calmness

The Vata mind is creative and sharp. These Vata doshas are excitable and very quick to react to situations, sometimes to their regret, later on. Their imaginations flourish with rich and creative thoughts.

Vata dosha remedies would start with keeping calm and staying warm. The tough time of the year for Vata types is late fall and winter. Vata types should stay away from raw foods and food that is cold.

More Vata remedies would be avoiding loud noise, alcohol, and drugs, as these can imbalance the dosha into aggravation. Sticking to a routine religiously will help a Vata type if you can get them to do it. They do not like routines as they become bored easily.

With an aggravated Vata, it is hard to keep them grounded and settled down. They want to go and do, 20 hours a day. This tendency aggravates and imbalances the Vata dosha. If you can calm and ground, you can bring balance.

Dealing with Vata remedies would entail the opposite of constant mobility, excitement, and substance excess. Vata dosha remedies would include staying warm and eating warm foods that tend to have some spicy zing to them.

Kapha Dosha Remedies

When it comes to understanding the Kapha dosha, the keywords to employ would be heavy and slow. Not so much as being of a heavyweight, although they can be, they tend to be large in the frame and have a deep voice.

When it comes to general appearance, they tend to have a soft, loving, and compassionate look. Their skin and hair will be oily. They will do pretty much everything on the slow side. Talk, walk, and use of hands to emphasize will be slower than the other doshas.

In mental regards, they will be slower to learn but will retain that learning forever. These are the date quoter types you have met in life, that can rattle off date and time like nothing, compared to the rest of us.

Kapha types love to sit and do nothing. They are adverse to exercise and can have a tendency to gain weight that lasts. They can have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.

Kapha Individual Characteristics

Here are some of the primary attributes of the Kapha dosha individual and how they manifest in regard to behavioral, physical, and mental aspects of the dosha.

Kapha Balancing Guide

  • Consume light & dry food
  • Stay away from iced food and drinks
  • Steer clear of heavy foods
  • Avoid oily or fatty foods
  • Stay away from dairy foods
  • Get lots of exercises
  • Keep active
  • Mix up your routine

Do you know people that are very slow getting going in the morning? That is the Kapha dosha that needs a gallon of coffee to remember where they are and what their name is. Their most productive time of day is the early afternoon if they are not taking a nap.

Kapha dosha remedies would indicate an excess of Kapha and have attributes of the winter and early spring months. These months tend to be heavy and wet which can increase Kapha.

There are several things to consider for balancing excessive Kapha. Abstention from oily and fatty foods will help reduce Kapha. Just staying active and moving will bring balance closer.

Dairy type of products will increase the imbalance. In general, light and drier types of foods will aid the person looking for Kapha dosha remedies. As much as it is disliked, exercise will go a long way toward balance.

When Kapha is out of balance, the individual will show a lack of energy, bordering on laziness. This can eventually lead to a Kapha dosha form of depression. Kapha women can experience a form of PMS that will be amplified.

When it comes to Kapha dosha remedies, the individual will want to do the opposite of things that are heavy and wet in nature. This is because their constitution is of that same variety of wet and heavy.

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Pitta Dosha Remedies

The Pitta dosha can be defined as the principle of heat. This is in regard to the body functions of temperature, digestion, absorption, and essentially related to changes in these areas.

Taking this into consideration, metabolism is determined then by these enzymes comprising the Pitta dosha. These can affect appetite and stamina.

The Pitta is not just for food intake and the conversion into energy and other qualities. Pitta is also the processor of all outside influences upon us. It processes our environmental stimuli, as it applies to us.

The Pitta dosha, when healthy, enhances comprehension and intellect. This is essential to our education, learning, and understanding of our world and how to function in it.

If Pitta is out of whack, the emotional states of criticism, anger, and hatred can be experienced. The Pitta dosha can be thought of as being sharp, light, and hot. These attributes can occur in many varieties and intensities with one whose primary body type is that of a pitta.

Pitta Individual Characteristics

Here are some of the primary attributes of the Pitta dosha individual and how they manifest in regard to behavioral, physical, and mental aspects of the dosha.

Pitta Balancing Guide

  • Restrict salt consumption
  • Eat cooling food types, not spicy
  • Refrain from too much oil
  • Stay away from excessive steam
  • Consume cool drinks (no ice)
  • Do exercises during the cool of the day
  • Avoid extreme heat

Because the Pitta dosha is warm, the pitta remedies would be that of cool, non-spicy, and minimal oil intake. Pitta is aggravated during the hot summer months and may display frustration and even anger that would not have occurred in cooler months. Pitta’s run hot.

Pitta dosha remedies can often be thwarted by a large amount of food and liquids consumed by them. Typically, when a pitta constitution type becomes hungry, they should try to eat as soon as possible as this will reduce unpleasant personality traits from flaring up.

Because of the relation to warm and fiery, Pitta dosha remedies should consider the fact that sweating, early puberty, etc. tend to be increased in this constitution. Pitta types are more susceptible to indigestion, rashes, sore throats, and other diseases that inflame, because of this very tendency to be warm and fiery.

Pitta dosha remedies should take into consideration that the intellects of this type are very strong and sharp. These are the folks that love a good problem to solve. Pittas can have a very strong need to be in control and must have all things in order and to their exact specifications.

The main time of concern again, for a Pitta type, is the summer. They can become overheated easily because of their nature to start with. Spicy food intake is really amplified and along with the temperature outside, can manifest as anger and criticism toward others. Pitta remedies here would say: “Just Chill!” and that is exactly what they need to do.

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