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Hole in the Ear Spiritual Meaning, Preauricular Sinus in Bible

Have you noticed an unusual, extra hole on top of the ear? Is there any biblical or spiritual meaning of the hole in the ear? Today’s topic is all about the additional pit or hole in the ear spiritual meaning, superstition, or myths. We will also cover the meaning of the preauricular sinus in the bible. Let’s get started.

Extra Hole in the Ear or Preauricular Sinus

Also known as the pit or hole in the ear, the preauricular sinus is a benign congenital defect or malformation of the preauricular soft tissues. The birth defect was first described by Van Heusinger in 1864.

Although the small pit above the ear indicates the evolution mark and not a disease, it is a potential site for infection, that might lead to cellulitis or abscess. The surgical removal of the sinus (sinusectomy) is indicated in case of persistent or recurrent infection of the pit.

Immediately visit your doctor if you notice the unusual smell protruding from the extra hole in the ear, as it increases the likelihood of infection.

The pit in the ear is most common in people of Asia and Africa. According to the Korean Journal of Audiology, the prevalence of preauricular sinus is as high as 5-10 percent in South Korea and other Asian countries.

United States of America: 0.1-0.9%

United Kingdom: 0.9%

Asia and Parts of Africa: 4-10%

It is seen as a unilateral dimple (mainly the left) in most cases, while 0.25 percent of people are likely to have a bilateral occurrence of a hole in the ear. Likewise, the rare instances of double holes above one ear are also seen.

Other names

  • Extra hole in the ear
  • Hole on top of the ear
  • Tiny hole above the ear
  • Pit in the ear
  • Preauricular sinus (PAuS)
  • Preauricular pit
  • Preauricular Fissure
  • Additional hole in the ear

Hole in the Ear Spiritual Meaning, and Myths

There is a common myth that only a few people on the earth have a preauricular sinus in the ear. If so, there must be some spiritual meanings or purposes for this.

What are those superstitious myths or beliefs related to the hole in the ear? There are some interesting religious and spiritual meanings associated with the hole in the ear.

But revealing the secrets, we just want you to know that these tiny extra holes are not just biological malformations, they are put there by universal force with special meanings.

A tiny hole inside the ear meaning

It is believed that if you possess a tiny hole inside the ear, you have a nature of being easily affected or carried away by what others say about you.

You start to doubt your own potential or ability when you hear people saying you are a weak person. Similarly, if people start praising you, you will easily get elated.

The spiritual meaning of the hole inside your ear is the impact of the external world in your personal life.

Another important symbolic myth about the tiny pit inside your ear is that you have an extraordinary ability to hear supernatural sounds and vibrations, that ordinary people can’t hear.

This psychic ability sometimes helps you to alert yourself in case of any dangerous situations because your inner intuition senses those negative vibrations occurring in your surroundings.

Preauricular pit or hole on top of ear spiritual meaning and myths

Different cultures in the world mostly from Christian societies relate the second hole in the ear to good fortune. Spiritually, we haven’t seen any negative myths associated with this congenital malformation.

God’s blessings, good luck, spiritual growth, connection with the higher realm, or universal force are some of the popular meanings of the preauricular sinus that many communities believe.

Some people of the Yoruba community in Nigeria consider the extra pit in the ear as the center of attraction of abundance and good luck. Here, the people with such evolution marks are treated as special people in society.

People of some communities in Ethiopia also believe in the myth as the people of Nigeria do. The bearer of the second hole in the ear is the center of attraction and admiration in society, but some people might get jealous of the extra potential those special persons possess.

We have summarized the special messages and spiritual meanings of the hole in the ear in the following points.

Special Envoy of God

If God has gifted you with the second hole in the ear then you are sent on this earth as a medium or bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

You are the special channel through which the universal force is trying to connect with the physical world. So, it is normal for you to have some psychic abilities like hearing unusual sounds that normal people can’t hear as the higher force or realm uses sound as a medium of communication.

Bearer of Supernatural or Psychic Abilities

As explained earlier, the people with the second hole in the ear experience the supernatural talent of hearing unusual sounds, and noises that are impossible for normal people to hear.

It is believed that the higher spirit communicates with the physical world through several media, such as dream, third eye vision, sound, etc. The extra hole inside or on top of the ear is one of the channels through which the spiritual messages are transferred.

Others might consider you mad or psychologically disturbed if you start sharing your experience about unusual sounds and vibrations. But it’s the extra ability only persons like you can have as you have an extra pit in the ear.

It is also said that the more you share your experience, the weaker your supernatural abilities will be, that’s why it is recommended not to share these secrets with anybody.

Spiritual Mission

Unlike normal people, you have a spiritual mission to accomplish in addition to common goals in this life if you have an extra hole in the ear.

Your daily activities also reveal your prime goal of helping the people and providing positive teachings to them.

It’s without a doubt that you will live a fulfilling life with abundance and prosperity, but your mission will be distinct from those of common people.

You will try to help people for their spiritual growth, and they will remember that physical life is just a short journey from the spiritual world. Likewise, your company inspires others to devote their lives to the service of God.

Role Model for Others

Role models are those who can perform anything extra or unusual, or do the common things in extra or different ways.

Due to the extra abilities you exhibit in your friend’s circle or in society, you will become a center of attraction.

Many people will come to you to get help because you are born to be a helping hand to needy people. Like a messenger of God, you will provide selfless help to the needy one.

To provide kind, unselfish help is a divine act but you should be careful not to provide you harm as the risk of falling into a trap also increases for those kind people.

Gift, Luck, and Wealth

As we have already stated that the people with a second hole in the ear live a happy and prosperous life. They are not only gifted with spiritual wealth but also with physical wellbeing and abundance.

Another spiritual meaning of the hole in the ear is that, unlike common people, you are likely to attract wealth easily, without big efforts.

Evolution Mark (Your Inner Fish)

Although the spiritual meaning and explanation of the pit in the ear is physical and spiritual wellbeing, and extra abilities, science considers this as an evolution mark.

According to paleontologist and biologist Neil Shubin, these holes are evidence of human evolution from fish, as explained by him in his famous book ‘Your Inner Fish’.

Although his explanation is not based on any religious scripts, there is some kind of connection between his findings and the spiritual meaning of the preauricular sinus in the Bible.

Fish is a symbol of Jesus according to the Christians. Likewise, Fish is the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu, according to Hindu mythology. Both of these religions consider fish as the symbol of offering, nourishment, and divine connection.

Fish is also considered to be the symbolism of abundance, good luck, and the creature of many realms, healing power, and psychic abilities.

Preauricular Sinus in the Bible and Related Superstition

The preauricular sinus or the hole in the ear is also believed to carry biblical meaning or the message of the Bible. There are few lines or passages (in Exodus) speaking about the value of pit in the ear.

Psalm 40 (“Mine ears hast thou opened”) explains the importance of a hole in the ear. According to this line of the Bible pit in the ear is a sign of servitude. The theme of this religious statement is that the people with an extra hole in the ear devote their life to the wellbeing of others and in the service of God.

The followers of the Bible believe that the extra pit in and around the ear is a symbol of devotion to the god. This myth is somehow related to the religious tradition of piercing the ear with an awl.

In addition to this, the Christian believes that all the prophets or the messengers of God had an extra hole in the ear. So, the people with preauricular sinuses are supposed to be the special people anointed and sent by God to fulfill a particular purpose.

Although people make an artificial hole in the ear to symbolize their devotion to God, the spiritual meanings we are explaining here are entirely related to the natural pit in the ear.

Celebrities with preauricular sinus

Have you seen any celebrities with preauricular sinuses? Well, some of the popular celebs are taking the advantage of abilities and power of hole in the ear.

As we have mentioned earlier, the preauricular sinus is most commonly seen in South Korea, many Korean celebrities have this congenital mark. It is found that many people remove the pit or hole in the ear surgically (sinusectomy) i.e., preauricular sinus surgical excision. A few of the celebs with preauricular sinus are:

  • Rosie O’Donnell (American comedian, producer, actress, author, and television personality),
  • Amber Rose Levonchuck (American model and television personality)
  • Shintaro Katsu (Japanese actor, singer, and filmmaker)
  • Lee Seung-gi (South Korean singer, actor, host, and entertainer)

Preauricular Sinus: Gift or Bad Luck (Final Thoughts)

When you notice a hole in and around the ear, the first thing you have to check is whether there is any pain, discharge, or foul smell coming out of the pit. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your doctor to rule out infection and treat the condition.

When you don’t have any medical issues related to the preauricular sinus, it’s time to take the message and the spiritual meaning of the hole in the ear.

Utilize your full potential, power, and abilities for the well-being of yourself and others. Another important message to consider is to devote your time for spiritual growth to understand the real meaning of human life on this earth.

It is the biggest opportunity for you to get connected with the universal force, and to enrich yourself with the advantages that the universe is providing you as indicated by the hole in the ear.

It is always a good idea to be superstitious and to believe in the spiritual meanings of any health-related conditions when you are completely healthy and you find positive meanings in such myths and beliefs.


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