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Lucky Mole on Face Meaning for Female, and Male

What are the lucky and unlucky moles on faces meaning for females and males? Today, you will know about the most common moles on the face including nose, lip, chin, cheek, ear, forehead, temple, and tongue, and their astrological and spiritual meanings for both females and males. So, let’s get started.

Moles are small, usually brown or black spots on the skin that are caused by pigment-producing cells in the skin called melanocytes. It is a natural blemish on your skin’s surface and a common medical condition.

A mole is a type of nevus, which is a common human birthmark. Moles are also sometimes referred to as “beauty marks.” A mole may appear anywhere on the body, but most often appears on the face and neck.


Importance of meanings of mole on the face and other parts of the body

It is a very common question for an astrologer to get asked by curious persons, “What does a mole on the body mean?” While the answer varies depending on the size, color, and location of the mole, there are some general things to look for.

Different shapes, sizes, and colors of a mole can indicate a lot about a person’s fate and future. For example, a dark mole in the cheekbone can indicate an extrovert while one in the neck could mean the person is introverted.

Mole astrology has both positive and negative impacts which can vary depending on the person’s gender.

Mole on Forehead Meaning

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat is intimately linked to the meanings behind moles. The placement of a mole on one’s forehead, for example, could denote the amount of money they will make over their lifetime.

There are many myths associated with this particular mole, with some people believing it means good luck and others believing bad luck.


Right Side of Forehead

According to a study conducted by clinical psychologists from India, people with a mole on the right side of the forehead are said to make more money in their lifetime. This is because the study found that these people have increased levels of testosterone and higher levels of confidence which translate into success at work.

It is believed that a person with a mole on the right side of the forehead may also have the chance to visit other countries soon.

Left Side of Forehead

There are many theories as to what the mole on the left side of the forehead signifies. Some say that a person with a mole on this site will not take a keen interest in helping others, even if they accumulate a lot of wealth.

This suggests that people are feeling less respect towards you because of your selfish and unkind behavior

Middle of the Forehead

The middle of the forehead is known as the Career House and a mole there indicates that the person’s career will face a lot of obstacles and difficulties such as a difficult boss and uncooperative colleagues.

Mole on Scalp Meaning

The ancient Chinese system of astrology is rich with symbols and traditions that are deeply rooted in the culture. One interesting area is Chinese mole placement on the body.

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The traditional view is that moles on the scalp are said to symbolize long-standing good luck that others may be envious of, while moles on other parts of the body signify either bad luck or health problems.

Mole on Nose Meaning

A mole on the nose is often interpreted as a sign that the individual is destined for leadership. It has also been said to signify wealth, fertility, and happiness. The placement on the nose is usually seen as an indication of high social status.

If a mole is visible around the nose, it indicates wealth and prosperity for that person. It also suggests that that person has very good control over his/her senses and a good palate to enjoy luxurious meals.

The mole on the nose also represents that he/she is very lucky and can enjoy every phase of life. Such people are considered best for any kind of occupation requiring great skill or talent, for example, actors, wrestlers, military officers, etc. The more such moles are seen by an individual, the luckier he/she would be in future life.


Mole at the Right Side of the Nose

The belief that a mole on the right side of the nose means you have more money, with fewer efforts comes from an old Greek proverb. The Greek saying is that “A mole on the right side of your nose indicates wealth.”

Mole at the Left Side of the Nose

Moles at the nose can be a potential indicator of bad luck. For example, a mole on the left side of the nose indicates bad luck for oneself and others.

Tip of Nose

People with a mole on their nose tip are more likely to stick to bizarre habits which will turn out to be unfortunate for their personal well-being.

Bridge of Nose

A mole right on the bridge of your nose means you could be placing too much emphasis on money in your life. This can lead to monetary losses later in life and bad luck when it comes to money in general. Not only that, but such a mole can affect your respiratory health.

Wings of Nose

Moles on the left side (for men) or right side (for women) of the nose (nose wings) are seen as a sign that you struggle with saving. These people usually lose in gambling and make risky investments.

For those people, the best choice is to break even and go after steady growth. They either get nothing for this or they will be left suffering losses.

Below the Nose

A mole below the nose usually indicates a desire for intimacy. Such a person often has a large family and many children.

Some people believe a mole on the area between your nose and upper lip reflects a barrier or connection to obstacles in getting a job or losing money.

Mole on Ear Meaning

Many cultures around the world believe that a mole on the ear is an indicator of good earnings and luxurious life. These people may be careless with money, leading to an uncontrolled expenditure. The person may also be in danger of drowning.

A mole on either ear is an indication that the person has a reckless disposition. A mole on the right ear means that he or she is strong-willed and decisive, while a mole on the left means that this person is crazy and irresponsible.


Top of the Ear

The mole on the top of the ear symbolizes creativity and intelligence. This sign can be found at the very top of the ear, near the hairline. It’s often seen as a sign of beauty and even used to signify one’s individuality.

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Back of the Ear

The back of a person’s ear often contains moles. Moles on the back of the ear may indicate a person’s caste, marital status, and even the gender of his or her children. Moles found at the back of the ear are often a sign that a person is very traditional. This mole is a sign that this man’s wife will be from a higher caste.

Mole on the Ear Lobe

Having a mole on one side of your ear lobe can mean something different to the other. If it’s on the right side of the ear lobe, the mole signifies the commitment to family and goodness which often makes for a better child. On the left, it has the more favorable meaning such as a good spouse or good income.

Mole on Cheek Meaning

A mole on the cheek can have various spiritual meanings, depending on one’s religious beliefs. For example, Christians could interpret it as a sign of God’s blessing.

Cheek features the power area in the face. A mole on this spot suggests potential trouble in management.

People with a mole on the cheek should be wary. They are unsuited to leadership and less confident in love relationships. Even if they try to do everything themselves, things will always tend to exceed their ability.


Right Cheek

A person with a mole on the right side of their face is usually considered kindhearted. They are faithful to their parents, siblings, or other relatives and often have good luck and healthy people.

Left Cheek

A mole on the left cheek is a sign that a man is a good introvert and will have a quarrelsome personality. He will face many problems throughout his life but since he often has caring children, he will be lucky in old age.

Mole on Lip Meaning

Moles on the lips are a sign of love and luck. Those with such moles are prone to illicit love or those who experience a lot of love triangles. It is also believed that a person born with a mole near or above the lip always has sufficient bank balance to satisfy his every materialistic desire.


Upper Lip

Moles on the upper lip are an omen of a strong desire for sexual activities. Those who have a mole on the top of their lip usually participate in physical activities to show their love or they might also be involved in creative pursuits. It seems they are always more fragile when it comes to love.

A mole on the lower lip is also a sign of a food lover. They may also have an interest in art, acting, or other hobbies.

Someone with a mole on the inside of the top lip would usually have all or nearly all of his understanding rooted in chants and rituals.

Lower Lip

A person with a mole on the lower lip often hides their desires and an inclination for love, preferring to sit back and let others make the first move; but this can abruptly change once they are touched deeply.

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If you see someone has a mole inside their lower lip, this person might be susceptible to drinking and gambling.

Mole on Chin Meaning

According to astrology, the mole seen at the middle of the chin is a representation of a high-flying person who is respected.

If you have a mole here, it also indicates that your life changes constantly and you may move to another place soon after settling down. Once the change slows down, it is hard for you to settle into that new environment.

It is also said that those people are more likely to be suffering from a number of potential heart diseases.


Right Side of the Chin

The mole on the right side of the chin is a sign of a person who is self-assured and logical. This person can control others with their speech. They have a diplomatic nature and this will lead to better earnings and a good reputation.

Left Side of the Chin

Moles on the left side of the chin are often a representation of a person who speaks bluntly and straightforwardly. This can be off-putting for some, but others respect this type of communication.

Mole on Tongue Meaning

The symbolic or spiritual and astrological meaning of mole on the tongue is different based on the type and location of the mole within the tongue.


Middle of the Tongue

Some people who have a mole in the middle of their tongue may experience a slight delay with speech development, and delay in education. The size and location of the mole can affect how quickly they learn to speak, as well as how well they speak. A person with this condition is more likely to be aware of their physical discomfort when healthy than someone without this condition.

Tip and Bottom of the Tongue

If the mole (spot) is on the other side of the tongue (end of it) or at the tip (top), people with these features may be smooth talkers with a gift to convince others.

People with moles at the tip of the tongue may be diplomatic, intellectual, and have great taste in food. They also know how to get their kids into good schools.

Mole on Temple and Hairline Meaning

A mole on one’s temple or hairline is prevalent in ancient Chinese astrology. The belief is that the mole will bring the person good luck, especially when it comes to finances and romantic endeavors.

A mole located on this part of the body means early marriage, a wife of high aesthetic quality, and there may be sudden arrival of money.

A mole near the right temple can signify exceptional mental strength and power. This will help them to find success in all they do.

If you have a mole on the left temple or hairline region, it’s said to mean that you’re likely to have no clue about money. You might spend more than your fair share or be unable to manage finances well.


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