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5 Superb Benefits of Using Social Media for Seniors

All about Amazing Benefits of Social Media for Seniors.

By Maria Dalit

Social media changed everything. It brought relationships to a whole new platform that allows for easy access and connection. Social media is highly beneficial when used for good. So much so that even senior citizens can highly benefit from it.

A study revealed that social media use is actually beneficial to senior citizens. Senior citizens that were involved in the study revealed the following stellar benefits from using social media:

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Benefit of Social Media for Seniors #1: Ease in Shopping

The study revealed something that most people already know — the fact that shopping is fun and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Senior citizens highly enjoy shopping and they love how social media and internet connectivity made everything easier.

Seniors feel extremely thankful that they can now easily order groceries without calling anyone, asking for an extra hand, or even leaving their house. They love the premium convenience that online shopping provides.

Senior citizens also uniquely enjoyed taking advantage of discounts and promos. Many of them spent hours just looking for coupons and vouchers that they even get to share with friends and families.

Online shopping is beneficial for seniors because of the sense of empowerment and support that it easily provides.

Benefit #2: Mental Health Wellness

Mental health wellness is a huge factor in assessing a person’s level of health. Today, you can’t simply say that a person is healthy just because he or she is not physically sick. A proper health evaluation now duly includes a huge consideration of one’s mental health.

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For a senior to be truly healthy, he or she must be physically, mentally, and socially well. A depressed individual needs help. Such help should be as serious as any kind of aid and support that physically sick individuals receive.

The study revealed that social media can help in this aspect. Results showed that social media greatly helps when it comes to improving seniors’ mental and social wellness.

The study revealed that seniors who use social media are more optimistic in their outlook on life. They feel empowered and hopeful every time they get to check on news and current affairs and everything that is happening with their family and friends.

This is the case because they still get to actively use their mental faculties and truly feel a strong sense of self through social media use.

Benefit #3: Easy Updates from Family and Friends

Most seniors suffer from anxiety and depression because they feel alienated and disconnected from their family and friends. This is something that social media conveniently solves.

The study revealed that seniors easily feel warm and connected to everyone by simply visiting social media. Data showed that seniors instantly get happy whenever they see updates and photos from their family and friends. Social media also makes it easy for seniors to easily connect with just about everyone they want to talk to.

Seniors love how they can now easily check on their grandchildren via a simple video call. Seniors also love how they get to join online groups where they share common interests and passions with thousands of other people that don’t make them feel alone.

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Homestyle Aged Care experts know this so they make it a point to work with teams of Aged Care provider in Geelong who take time and effort to teach and guide their senior residents on how to use social media.    

Benefit #4: Removes Sense of Isolation

Isolation is one of the no. 1 enemies of senior citizens. This greatly affects one’s overall health because it’s hard to stay happy, calm, and collected when one does not feel connected with people.

Human beings are social animals. We need care, love, and support from other people. It’s the very thing that allowed us to evolve and survive as species for this long. This is something that is easily removed when a person ages. It’s a good thing that it’s also one of the many things that social media use provides a solution for.

The study revealed that seniors who at least get to connect with their families online are more healthy and well compared to those who fail to use social media to battle isolation and loneliness.

Benefit #5: Boosts Sense of Belonging

The study showed a smile-inducing result that seniors love being with their senior friends and they love how social media makes it easier and effortless. Seniors love belonging to a big community of seniors who understand what they’re going through.

The sense of connection and community that online communities provide may be digital but its effects are just the same as physical groups. Seniors that connect with other seniors through social media are more energetic and excited about life.

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Negative Effects of Social Media to Consider

Social media can very much be the very thing that will make seniors healthier and happier in the years to come. But their loved ones still need to be extra careful as it also comes with disadvantages such as:

  • Trusting seniors can become easy victims of online scams.
  • Seniors that are not very careful can become victims of phishing.
  • Seniors can also become victims of identity theft.

To avoid this, ensure that your senior loved one is well-aware of the dangers of social media use. Go out of your way to orient your senior loved one when it comes to privacy and internet use.

Use apps that will not require them to remember passwords and credit card numbers that can easily be used by malicious people. All it takes is proper care, instruction, guidance, and precaution to truly enjoy the many positive benefits of social media use.


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