Cat Eye Makeup Looks: Tips and Tricks


Cat Eye Makeup Looks

Eyeliner is central in cat eye makeup look rather we can say that it is all about eyeliner. Creating a cat eye makeup looks requires a lot of endurance and rehearsal. Here we are sharing some tips to ladies to get the cat eye makeup right for dream looks. Just a reminder that it’s all about eyeliner.

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Applying eyeliner requires meditation and a well-proportioned hand. Beginners can start with an eyeliner pencil as this is the easiest way to apply eyeliner.

Cat eye makeup has many variations of eyeliner application to cat makeup. Sometimes due to inexperience, you can experience blotches but the practice is the only way to avoid this. Upcoming tips regarding cat eye makeup will show you the right way to apply cat makeup.

Cat eyes makeup looks vary from shrill, thin, and pointed, to plump, and smudgy. These effects can be achieved with different techniques.

For a traditional cat eye makeup looks;

  • Use a sharp eyeliner pencil
  • Start by inside out speckling along the eyelashes.
  • Follow the usual bend of the eye. Stop where acolyte ends and start to delicately angle eyeliner line upwards.

This way ladies can create cat eye makeup with a thin eyeliner line. For a stouter line, all you have to do is retrace your steps. Once you have developed confidence and a bit of confidence you can try using liquid eyeliner and brush to create this cat-eye look.

Get the Cat Eye Ideas for Your Beauty Look

Cat eye makeup is a popular eye makeup style that can be created in different ways and colors. If you are eying to find out unique cat eye makeup ideas then we are here to end your search. We are giving you a few ideas; have a look at them and choose any style for you.

Gray Cat Eye makeup looks

If you are looking forward to a classic combination to create cat eye makeup then we advise you to go for a combo of black and gray. Or if you are not interested in black and gray, you can choose either silverish or matte gray as well since these shades can effectively complement the eyes of all colors and shapes.

First, use black eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes before moving onwards. Make sure to use the pencil or cream eyeliner that suits your natural skin tone. For creating a cat eye effect augment your eye using winged eyeliner. Then cover your entire lids with a gray shade of any tone you love. Give a finishing touch to gray cat eye makeup with the application of black mascara.

White Cat Eye Looks

Another combination that looks great for all eyes regardless of their color and shape is a black and white combination. For creating this look first apply eyeliner to your lash lines carefully. Remember that eyeliner is kept at the outer corner of the eyes while creating this look.

Put on white eyeshadow on the inner corner for rendering an open and illuminating effect to the eyes. Then cover the outer corner of your eyes with grayish or silver eyeshadow. Finish the makeup with the application of black mascara to lashes.

Red Cat Eye makeup look

Another great idea of cat eye makeup is Red cat eye makeup. Start the makeup by defining your eyes with a pencil or cream red eyeliner. Apply eyeliner to the top as well as bottom lash lines. After that, drag the red eyeshadow palette and apply red eyeshadow to your eyelids. Cover the outer corners of lids with darker tones for creating the cat-eye style. Finish the look by applying black mascara to the lashes.

New Year Blue Glitter Cat Eye looks for Teen Girls

If a simple cat eye look is being loved by everyone then imagine how much it would be loved by cat-eye lovers if some glitter is added to it? I promise, it would look just awesome and you will definitely get amazed when you will have look at glittery cat eyes. Let’s create this look step by step.

The main ingredients that will be needed are:


-Crystal Ball, Pompadour, blue glitter, any black-crème eyeshadow, and Treasure Chest.

-Eyeshadow primer, blue pencil eyeliner, mascara

Start sporting this look with the application of mascara. Use a quality eye curler to curl the lashes and then put on three mascara coatings to top as well as bottom eyelashes and let it dry out. After it gets fully dry, curl the lashes again.

Now, apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids and brush Pompadour over the entire lid using a larger makeup brush. Then cover your brow bone with Crystal Ball and blend it thoroughly into Pompadour.

Though slack glitters render more sparkling effects to your eyes it is very tricky and sometimes very tough to get loose glitter hold over the eyes. For creating a base that can hold on to glitter for long, it’s advisable to use crème eyeshadow. Coat your top eyelids with eyeshadow and spread it over the whole lid with a sponge or ring finger moving in an upward and outward direction. Draw an outline with a thin brush and for filling use a bigger brush.

While the eyeshadow is not fully dried out, pick up blue-colored glitter with a somewhat moist brush, put it over the lid, and exert a little pressure. In this way, the glitter particles will stick to the lid and will stay for long. Cover the entire lid by repeating the step.

Finish the look with the application of a blue eye-pencil along the lower lash line.

Tips For a Dark & Sexy Look Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular and evergreen eyes makeup trends. Many celebrities love wearing this look. If you are among those who take makeup inspiration from celebrities and want to wear Angelina Jolie’s cat-eye look, then you should follow the below-given liner and mascara application tips;

How to Apply Liner & Mascara for the Cat Eye Vintage Look

  • The first and foremost step while starting creating cat eyes is deciding the eyeliner type you want to use; a liquid liner or a pencil liner. If it’s the first time you are applying makeup, pencil eyeliner is the right choice for you; however, for getting bold results liquid liner is ideal. To discover which works best for you, test both. Though you can opt for any dark shade, black is evidently the most common shade used for creating a cat-eye look.
  • Prepare your eyelids for eye makeup application. Prime your lids before putting on eyeliner. The majority of people don’t go for bold shadow while doing cat eye makeup. So, make a choice of a neutral highlighting shadow and brush it over your full eyelid before staring with the eyeliner. Use glittery eyeshadow for the most dramatic look.
  • Make use of a hands-free magnifying mirror in order to apply the eyeliner with ease.
  • Let’s start the liner application!!!! Using the liner, draw a line just along your natural lash line. Beginning with the inside corner of the eye, touch the liner slightly to the lash-line, and work your way towards the outside corner. Firstly draw a thin line and then revert and make it thicker for best results and shape.
  • Turn the line a little upwards on reaching the end of the lashline.
  • Curl your lashes with a curler and then apply several coats of bold black mascara. You can also choose to go with false lashes. It is a nice option for the most dramatic look.



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