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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

How to make your eyes look bigger? Today’s topic is all about makeup for small eyes or eyelids to look bigger.

Make your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Eyes are the most prominent feature of our face and everyone wants to have big and prominent eyes. Those with small eyes always remain unsatisfied with their look and try different techniques and makeup for small eyes to look bigger. So, how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

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Use Eyeliner to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Eyeliner, an integral part of eye makeup, can be effectively used to create the illusion of bigness for your eyes. After applying eyeshadow softly and palely, apply eyeliner in a particular way to make your eyes look bigger and attractive.

Draw a thin line alongside your top lash line using an eye pencil and then smudge it carefully with a cotton swab for creating a thick boundary. For a dramatic and classy look, use a colored eye pencil.

Next, delineate your lower lid by using black or brown eyeliner right below your bottom lashes starting from the outer corner, work your way out to the inner one.

After completing eyeliner application to the lower lash-line, don the liner to the upper lashes close to the colored border to make your eye makeup go in order, eyeshadow, eye-pencil, and finally eyeliner for the upper lashes.

Use Mascara to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Mascara may also help in accentuating your eyes by making them look bigger. For this purpose, it is recommended to use black instead of translucent or brown mascara as it renders a distinct outline thus make your eyes bigger effectively.

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Prior to the application of mascara, curl your lashes to make your eyes more distinct and prominent. Those with thin lashes can put on false lashes, curl them, and finally apply mascara coatings to upper and lower lashes.

Tips on how to make Your eyes look bigger with makeup

Those with small eyes always want to have larger eyes. Though you can’t change your genetic makeup, if you know a few tricks you can get the desired large, wide, and bright eyes.

Five simple makeup tips can make your eyes appear; these tips are discussed in this article. Read the article and follow the tips if you believe these can work for you.

Makeup for small eyes or eyelids

Curl Lashes – Eyelash curling, the second last step of perfect eye makeup, is an easy way to create the illusion of larger eyes. Normally the lashes are curled before the application of mascara, but if you forget to curl the lashes before mascara application then let the mascara dry up fully then curl them.

Apply Mascara on Lower Lashes

The majority of women leave the bottom lashes uncoated, which means they don’t put on mascara to the lower lashes. However, beauticians and makeup artists suggest that applying mascara to the bottom lashes can help eyes to appear larger. Apply mascara to the upper lashes first. Then, apply the mascara that is left on the brush to the lower lashes. Don’t re-dip the brush in the mascara. Hold the brush vertically and brush it from side to side on the bottom lashes to get the perfect look.

False Lashes for Evening

Restoring false lashes is another effective way to make your eyes look larger. You can put on false lashes for creating a perfect dramatic dark night-time effect. Before putting on, be sure to trim the lashes with scissors if they are excessively long.

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Use White Eye Liner

Involving creamy white eyeliner pencil is another trick to get the larger, brighter, and wider-looking eyes. This will help you get a doe-eyed look thus making your eyes look brighter and wider. To achieve this look, simply draw a line along the inner rim of your lower lids with a creamy white eyeliner pencil. For added brightness, you can use the pencil on the inner corners of both the top and bottom lids.

Apply Highlight Eye Shadow

If you are reluctant to use white eyeliner, you can choose to use a platinum highlighter eyeshadow to open up the eyes area. Just dab your shadow as normal and then apply small dots of highlighter eyeshadow along your browbone. Blend it well with the eyeshadow shade in that area, dab it to the inside corners of the eyes as well to get the desired look.

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Look  Bigger and Attractive

Eyes are the blessing of God and they are also called the windows to the essence. Some people are blessed with big eyes while some others have small eyes.

The women with small eyes use to be conscious about making their eyes look big and magnificent. If you have small eyes, don’t worry; you can turn your eyes to an outstanding feature by the application of makeup. For this, the first thing you have to do is to learn how to apply eye makeup to small eyes.

We are telling you the proper way Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Look Attractive

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If you have some skin imperfections then it is wise to apply a concealer. Concealer disguises imperfections and enhances your small eyes.

Eye shadow:

The next step is the application of eyeshadow. People having small eyes are advised to apply a little eyeshadow.

Try light-colored shadows and avoid applying more than two colors at a time. Apply the eyeshadow just below the ends of the brows and right away blend it near the interior end of the brows.


Eyeliner creates more prominent eye makeup. It makes your eyes look bigger and bolder thus helping you in overcoming the problem of small eyes.

Draw a uniform line across your lids close to the eyelashes’ base. Start lining from the inner corner of the eyes moving outwards to the outer corner. The bottom of your eyes can also be lined if you want to create a more dramatic look.

If you want to add more charm to your small eyes’ look, it is a good idea to extend the line a bit beyond the outer edge of the eyes.

It is advisable not to use bright colors as they can make your eyes look smaller.


The last step in eye makeup is the enlargement of eyelashes. Curl your lashes thrice before the application of mascara. Firstly curl the lashes at the base, secondly from halfway up, and lastly at the tip.

Now, apply mascara to add volume and allure to your lashes. Spread the lashes correctly before applying mascara.


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